NaNoWriMo 2017 Character Collages

Hey guys! I’ve had a really busy day, so I’m keeping it short and sweet today! I made some collages of some of my book characters from When The Phoenix Calls, and I thought you’d like to see them. Enjoy!

*DISCLAIMER* All images are from Pinterest and Google. I do not own any of them, I am simply using them to illustrate my characters appearances.



This is Skye’s, the MC. She’s kind of a mix of all of the images, as most of the characters are, but she looks most to me like the top left picture.


Finn, the other MC and love interest. The bottom photo is mainly to illustrate his face shape, the other two resemble him a lot more.


Calvin, the antagonist. These all resemble him fairly well.


Willow, Calvin’s sister and supporting character.


And Brenna Castilo, Skye’s best friend in the human world. I haven’t mentioned Brenna much, since she’s a very minor character, but I really like her a lot. She’s biracial.


There you go! Sorry this is so short, I’ve had a pretty hectic weekend and wasn’t able to prep for this post any over the weekend. I’ll hopefully be posting my dementor costume post on Friday or next Monday. 🙂



My Favorite Things About Autumn + NaNoWriMo Prep

Haha, I was all ready to post Monday, then I remembered I had a writing panel to attend.

The panel went great, though! Gillian Bronte Adams, Kate Emmons, and Kara Swanson were answering questions. It was so cool!

So, since it’s *finally* starting to feel like autumn, I decided to get into the mood by posting about why I love the gorgeous-est of seasons. And after that, I’ll do a quick interview with a few of my characters from When The Phoenix Calls, which I’ll be writing the sequel of for NaNoWriMo.

bella-divider-4.jpg    Reason Number One: Sweaters!

Sweaters, okay? ‘Nuff said. Watch me proceed to say more.  They’re like big fluffy hugs that you wear! They’re so warm and lovely and ugh. I had a lovely sweater once, named Colette. She was a very nice sweater. But I outgrew her. 😥  I still continue the search for a sweater of equal value. (That turned into an unplanned sweater rant.)

 Reason Number Two: Warm Fall-ish Foods.

Soups, hot chocolate, chili, anything pumpkin spice… Fall arguably has the best comfort food ever. Fight me. (No, don’t, you’d win.)

Reason Number Three: The Weather!

Fall has such nice, not-too-cold, not-too-warm weather. Goldilocks perfect, if you will. And that crisp tinge to the air… Bliss!

Reason Number Four: The Photogenic Scenery.

Autumn has such gorgeous scenery! The trees look like they’re on fire with colors. Red, orange, gold… It’s breathtaking!


Reason Number Five: It’s Almost Winter.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love fall, hate winter. But in the winter, I get lots of writing done! I can curl up in a pile of fuzzy blankets with my laptop and some chai tea and go into hibernation, only emerging for Nutcracker season. And maybe some social interaction so I don’t go insane? (Nevermind, I have Goodreads for that.)


Okay, so I’m going to interview Skye Foster, who has been here before, Finn Skylark, my supporting MC, and Calvin Tallbeam, my antagonist. Skye’s answers will be this color, Finn’s will be this color, and Cal’s will be this color. My questions will be bolded.



Oh, come on, why do I get orange? Why don’t I get a cool color like you guys?

Don’t be a baby, Cal. 

I’m not! I just don’t like orange, that’s all.

Well, deal with it. We’re here for an interview, remember? These people don’t want to hear you complain.

Fine. But you owe me a complaint session.

That’s not even a-

Boys, really. Can we actually answer some questions?

Of course! Anything for the lovely lady. *bows* 

*sighs* Shut up and pay attention.

What does your author have in store for you?

Ooo, ooo ooo!! Me me me! *raises hand*

*rolls eyes* We’re not totally sure, since she won’t tell us everything. But lots of betrayal, battles, and almost-deaths, as far as I’m aware.

And we’re so thrilled about that. 

Would you look at that! He CAN be sarcastic! 

Shut up.

Are any of you in a relationship?

Ha, we all know the answer to this one. *points at Finn and Skye and mimes gagging*

As Calvin made very clear, yes, Finn and I are together. 

Someone’s just jealous ’cause they’ve never had a girlfriend. 

Don’t go there.

Who do you consider to be your best friend?

Besides Skye, I would have said Calvin at one point. But now… *glares*

Hey, it’s not my fault I have big dreams. 

Uh, yeah, it sort of is.


*sarcastically* Oh, that’s right, because we have an audience we’re not allowed to have a simple conversation. My mistake. By all means, continue your pointless chatter.

*sighs* My best friend in the human world is a girl named Brenna Castilo. I don’t have many friends othewise, I’ve always been sort of a loner. Till I met Finn, anyway.


What is one of your main ambitions?

I’ve always wanted to go to school for music, preferably at Julliard or Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but it’s always been a dream of mine. 

I never put a lot of thought into what I wanted to do, since there’s not many options here in Eeranthoi. But I’ve always been good at fencing and archery, so there’s always that. Plus those videos humans make are cool, the ones they put online? I kind of think I’d be good at that.

Wait… You want to be a YouTuber?

*bursts out laughing* 

*blushes* It could happen!

Sure. Me, I’m the ultimate conqueror! I’ve got this kingdom wrapped around my finger, and I’ve been planning for it since I was ten. Take that, YouTuber. *laughs*

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Watch your backs, because after Eeranthoi, I’mma comin’ for Earth!

Ignore Calvin’s slang. And stay strong. 

Keep fighting, especially when you’re writing. I’ve heard we characters are quite hard to manage. *smirks*

bella-divider-4 There you are! Hope you enjoyed my slightly pyschotic antagonist. He’s a handfull. XD 



And So It Begins… /// Camp NaNoWriMo, April 2017 \\\

Today, it begins.


Camp NaNo, to be precise.



I’m not as freaked out as I was in November. Mostly excited.

Because I’ll be finishing and revising my original novel from NaNoWriMo. I’m so excited to get this book finished! Because I’ve never actually finished a novel. *hides in shame* I really want to get this book finished, because I’d love to self-publish it. I also am planning on writing the sequel for the July session, and the third book in November if I decide there’s enough plotline to make a third.

But, I thought you guys might like an interview with one of my MC’s. I did an interview with another character, Finn Skylark, here.  The character’s name is Skye Foster, and this is basically what she looks like.



She has a few freckles, and some coppery gold mixed in with the blue in her eyes, and no bangs, but that’s pretty much her. And now for some questions, so you can get to know her better.


What is your name?

My full name is Skye Abriel Foster. I’m normally called Skye, but I get a Miss Foster here and there from the elves.

How old are you?

I am fifteen years old. My birthday is April 16th, if that matters to anyone.

Where do you live?

I live in Townsend, Tennessee, a small town in the Smoky Mountains.

 What is your current occupation?

Average high-schooler, I guess. I’d like to go to collage at The University Of Tennessee in Knoxville for a music degree when I’m older, but that’s definitely down the road.

How did you meet Finn Skylark?

Well, I saw him a few times coming home from school, and I introduced myself. He seemed a little surprised I was talking to him, but I didn’t think about it much at first.

When did you realize Finn was an elf?

Well, I didn’t really realize it, he told me. I was hiking after school, and I found him tapping a tree and muttering. I was kind of like, what are you doing? And he told me about his mission from the queen and all of the problems going on in Eeranthoi. I offered to help, and he took me with him to his home. Apparently that tree was a portal.

Who is the main antagonist in WTPC?

I’m not going to say the exact name, since that would be a major spoiler, but I’ll just say a friend betrayed us and tried to take over the kingdom, with tons of dragons and giants and other monsters. There were a few pretty epic battles, but we won out in the end.


There you go! I hope you liked Skye. She’s a pretty complex character, but I’ve got her figured out. 😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me…. I must go write.


Our spring show was last night… I’m so tired. At least the music didn’t cut out during the middle of a scene like it did during the Nutcracker. O_o

Some Random Excerpts of Writing.

BAD BLOGGER, VERY VERY VERY BAD BLOGGER!!!!! I’ve been so bad at keeping to my schedule. I’m going to try to be better about it, but my schedule’s crazy right now, so I need to make more time for blogging in there. Hi, bye the way.

Anyhoo, I decided that for my arts day, I’d do some random bits of writing from my NaNoWriMo novel, When The Phoenix Calls. I haven’t finished it, so any criticism would be greatly appreciated! I’ll be putting them in block quotes, to separate them a little easier.

“I’ll get it!” I yelled down the stairs and ran down the hall to the phone. “Hello?” “Um, hi… Is this Skye?” I didn’t recognize the voice, but it sounded like a boys. “Yes, who is this?” “It’s Finn… Finn Skylark.” I made a face at the receiver. Why was this kid calling me? “Oh, hi. Why are you calling me?” “I wanted to apologize. I’m sorry if I seemed rude earlier. I was just surprised to see someone talking to me.” “That’s okay. Um, I’ve got to go, my older siblings are coming for dinner tonight. Maybe you could come over tomorrow?” I don’t know why I asked him. Maybe I just felt like I should make up to him for being rude, also. “Sure, I’d like that. Bye, Skye.” A click, and he was gone. Weird. “Skye? Who was it, sweetie?” “The new kid down the street.” My mom’s face appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “New kid? What new kid?” “There’s a new boy that moved in around here somewhere. I bumped into him on the way home and he was calling to apologize for being rude.” She looked confused. “Honey, no one’s moved in around here for the past five years. Are you feeling okay?”

 I don’t really like that part, but I hadn’t gotten into my ‘writing groove’ yet, so it was kind of weird. Major editing, here!

I was taking a hike through the woods one day after school, following a path Finn and I had discovered accidently. I was deep in thought, because Brenna had said it was completely obvious that Finn liked me, and I said he didn’t. Suddenly, I heard a voice, murmuring some words ahead of me. I rounded a turn in the path and saw… Finn? He was tapping the trunk of a tree, muttering under his breath. “Come on, it’s around here somewhere…” “Finn? What are you doing?” He jumped, then saw me. “Oh, Skye. F-fancy seeing you here.” He ran his hand through his hair. He despised his curls, so he combed them out constantly to try and train his hair to not curl. “What are you doing this far out?” He asked. “I was about to ask you that. You said you had family stuff today.” He took a deep breath, then said, “Listen Skye. I’ve got something to tell you, so bear with me, okay?” I nodded. He ran his hand through his hair, then said, “I’ve noticed you looking at me, like you’re trying to find out more about me. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s time you knew the truth.” He glanced around, like he was checking for something, then he said, “You’re right when you think I’m not normal. And you’re right too, when you think no one but you can see me. You have the Sight, ability to see fantasy creatures, right?” I nodded again. This seemed to important to speak. “So, that’s what’s you’re seeing. A fantasy creature.” I must have looked confused,  because he sighed and said, “I’m an elf, okay?” I was taking a hike through the woods one day after school, following a path Finn and I had discovered accidently. I was deep in thought, because Brenna had said it was completely obvious that Finn liked me, and I said he didn’t. Suddenly, I heard a voice, murmuring some words ahead of me. I rounded a turn in the path and saw… Finn? He was tapping the trunk of a tree, muttering under his breath. “Come on, it’s around here somewhere…” “Finn? What are you doing?” He jumped, then saw me. “Oh, Skye. F-fancy seeing you here.” He ran his hand through his hair. He despised his curls, so he combed them out constantly to try and train his hair to not curl. “What are you doing this far out?” He asked. “I was about to ask you that. You said you had family stuff today.” He took a deep breath, then said, “Listen Skye. I’ve got something to tell you, so bear with me, okay?” I nodded. He ran his hand through his hair, then said, “I’ve noticed you looking at me, like you’re trying to find out more about me. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s time you knew the truth.” He glanced around, like he was checking for something, then he said, “You’re right when you think I’m not normal. And you’re right too, when you think no one but you can see me. You have the Sight, ability to see fantasy creatures, right?” I nodded again. This seemed to important to speak. “So, that’s what’s you’re seeing. A fantasy creature.” I must have looked confused,  because he sighed and said, “I’m an elf, okay?”

“I knew it!” “Y-you did?” he looked shocked. “How did you know?” “I didn’t know, know. I just knew! Something was different about, it seemed like no one else could see you. Oh, this fits perfectly!” I threw my arms around his neck. He seemed surprised, then hugged me back. “I’m glad you’re not mad or something,” He said. “Of course not! This is so exciting!” Then I pulled back. “I bet you know why everything’s so restless, don’t you? You always looked like you knew!” He looked sad. “Yes, I know. And I suppose you want to know, don’t you?” “If you don’t mind.” “Well, all the fantasy creatures are from a place called Eeranthoi. A magical stone called the Twilight Crystal is what keeps the boundaries between Eeranthoi and Earth steady, and stops the destructive creatures, like trolls, goblins, and dragons, from getting out. The Crystal was stolen by an unknown criminal a couple weeks ago. Since then, the boundaries have been deteriorating, and the fairy force hasn’t been able to keep the destructive creatures in. They’re coming into the world en masse, and the only way to stop them is to bring back the Crystal.” Finn sighed. “Except, no one knows were it could be. The thief covered his tracks well.” he seemed so depressed, so worn down just by talking about it. “You’re helping keep them in check, aren’t you? That’s why you’ve been so tired lately.” He nodded. I put my hand on his arm. “I’ll help, okay? In any way I can. I mean, I can’t leave the human world, but I can help in some ways.” Finn took a deep breath. “Actually, you can help in another way.” “What?” “I’ve been thinking, and I think I can manage to take you home with me. So you can help. I mean, you don’t have to, but-” I cut him off. “I’d love to come, but I don’t think my parents will exactly give me permission, since they think you don’t exist.” “Actually, time runs different, so you won’t be gone that long. Three months here is about a year there, so a couple days will only be an hour or so.” “Then I’m in.” he looked surprised. “Really?” “Of course. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come to a completely different world! Of course I’m coming!” “Okay, then, let’s go.” He set his hand on the trunk of the tree beside us and said, “If you could touch me, in some way, so you don’t get left behind…” I grabbed his free hand and held on. “Okay then,” Finn said, and closed his eyes. I squeezed mine shut, too, and I felt a tug on my arm. Then there was a whistling sound, and the tree opened and sucked us in.

Ooo, I love that part so much! 😍

I woke up to a pounding sound on my door. “Skye!” I sat up groggily. “What?” I yelled, rubbing my eyes. The door burst open, and Finn bounded in. “Come on, we’ve got to go!” “Where are we going?” I asked, jumping out of bed and throwing my hair in a quick ponytail. “No time! We’ve got to go!” I slipped on my shoes and followed Finn out the door and down the hallway. Finn broke into a run and called, “Follow me!” I had learned to obey first and ask questions later, so I started running after him. He led me down the halls and stairways that Cal had taken us down yesterday, then we passed by the throne room and to a set of towering double doors. Finn pushed them open and we ran out onto a long green lawn in front of the castle. Finn whistled as we ran, and Ara the Pegasus swept down and started cantering beside us. Need a lift?  “Yes please,” Finn panted, and he grabbed her mane and swung himself on. “Come on, Skye!” He held out his hand. Hoping that he wouldn’t let me fall, I grabbed his hand. He pulled with amazing strength, and I found myself on Ara’s back again. She thrust with her wings and shot us up into the sky.

“So what’s the problem?” I asked Finn. “There wasn’t one,” He said, leaning back across Ara’s back. “I just wanted to see how you reacted to the whole ’emergency’ act.” he made air quotes around emergency. “Seriously? You woke me up for no reason?” “Yep,” Finn said. I glared at him, then poked his stomach. “Hey!” he sat up. I laughed. Looking around, I realized how early it was in the morning. The edge of the horizon was glowing with red, orange, and gold, and the sun was an neon pinprick over the sea. “So, since you woke me up so early, what are we going to do?” “I was thinking I could kind of show you around, let you see what you didn’t on the way to the castle,” Finn said, looking off towards the neon pinprick of a sun.

I also like that a lot… I actually like all of it!! I’ll only bother you with one more excerpt… 😉

“Alright, Finn, lead the way.” I could feel the other elves eyes on me as I walked out another door into the castle with Finn. As soon as the door was shut, I rubbed my eyes and said, “Their eyes are like laser beams. They bore right into you.” “I know,” Finn agreed. “I’ve plenty of looks before, just from gossip, you know, and…”  he shrugged. “It’s hard.” He said simply. I touched his arm and said gently, “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.” He looked flustered, but he said, “It’s no problem. It’s the least I could do for such a good friend.” I smiled gratefully. He returned it, then turned away to open a heavy oak door. “There shouldn’t be anyone in here. We’ll find a good weapon for you,” Finn said as we walked in. He picked up a sword and said, “I don’t think this is your style.” “No,” I agreed. “Too manly.” He smirked and held out a bow. “Try this. Pull back the string.” I took the bow and almost dislocated my arm trying to pull back the string. “Definitely no,”  Finn laughed and hung up the bow. Our fingers brushed together as he took it from me, and his smile faltered. I could feel my cheeks growing red, and I tried to cover it by saying, “What about this?” I picked up a sheathed knife off of a stand. I pulled off the sheath and pointed the knife at Finn. “Any last words?” I said threateningly. Finn laughed and said, “Maybe. Let’s try this one instead.” He picked up two sheathed daggers and held them out. I sheathed the previous one and unsheathed one of the offered ones. The silver blades were curved, more like a hunting knife then a dagger, and they were covered with etched swirls on the flat. It felt perfectly balanced in my hand, and I mimed stabbing something. “I like it,” I said. “Well, there’s two of them. Can you fight with double daggers?” “Let’s find out,” I said, and handed him the first one I’d tried. “Dagger on dagger?” I said. “I like the way you think,” Finn said, and handed me the other knife. I set the sheathes aside and put one in each hand. “Here, let me help,”  Finn said, and turned the blades so the sharp edge was facing out. “Begin.” Finn held out his blade.  I tried to remember everything I’d ever seen in movies, and I lunged and slashed towards his arm. He raised the knife in defense, and I knocked it out if his grip with my other blade. Finn raised his hands and said, “I think you’ve got this figured out. It’ll be much harder against a sword, but you’re smaller and quicker then most people who use swords, so you should be able to defend yourself just fine.” He bent down to pick up the knife and paused. “You won’t attack me, will you?” “Perish the thought!” “I wish you hadn’t used perish,” he mumbled. I laughed.

Is it bad that I ship my own characters? I love Finn and Skye….. 😍😍😍

Remember, any criticism would be greatly appreciated!!!

How did you like my writing? Anything I should change or do differently?


Just out of curiosity…. What would you name a young goat, black-and-white, that’s male? 😉

TIWC Challenge Three!

Hola, amigos! Here is my story for TIWC! Grace, I used all the prompts.

There used to be six if us. Now I’m alone. Hazel was the first to leave, getting married to a man in the village. Then Ian, Lark, Clarisse, and Myra left, each going their separate ways. We had lived together for many years, all orphans seeking a better future. We had sworn never to abandon the others, but now I was the only one holding by the pact. Ian was the only one to hesitate, turning to give me a mournful look as he walked into the fog. He made a motion as if to talk to me, then raised his arm and walked away. Myra offered to find me a home in the village, until I found what I was looking for, but I turned her down. The only thing I really wanted was for them all to come back, to discover that the outside world isn’t as good as it seems. But none ever came. Now, twenty years later, I’m still alone. Wandering the forest, never going near the other people. Only one thing disturbs me about this quiet life. In my dreams, I see this road. There is a arrow pointing down the road, and it says, ‘Dreams’. Is it true? Does my dream of being reunited with my friends lie down this road? There is only one way to find out. I will have to take this road. I have no way of knowing where it leads, or what I will find there, but I will put my faith in the arrow, and trust it will take me home.

Ta-da! I had seen Misty use no dialogue in a few of her stories, so I thought I’d try it! Did you like it? Anything I could improve?


TIWC Challenge Two

Hi there! Here is my story for TIWC. I’m so sorry this is late, Grace!! (Edit: Whoops, I messed up the challenge number. It’s two. Sorry!)

“So that’s what you are,” I whispered in awe. A traitor.” She smiled maliciously. “Yes. I’m surprised you didn’t know sooner. With your sharp intellect, you should have known long ago.”. “You covered your tracks well. It took many months to uncover your plot.” Imogen, one of the most trusted advisors in my father’s council, had betrayed him and me, with a plan to take over the kingdom. It hadn’t helped her urge to take over when my father fired her for suspicious behavior. Now, she had taken me captive when I went to look for her. I struggled against my bonds. “Imogen, why? We trusted you. How could you leave us?” her dark eyes snapped as she paced the floor. “Don’t you understand, foolish child? Your father is weak and fickle-minded. His ruling is rotten to the core.” She stopped and threw her arms into the air. “Something must be done, a woman of power and charm placed on the throne. Surely you can see that, Prince Oliver?” She knelt and pushed my head up with her finger, and I turned my head away. She stood, a look of displeasure on her face. “Hm, you’ve grown stronger. Not many people can resist my silver words. No matter. Some time in the dungeon will cure you of your doubts.” She clapped her hands, and a soldier clunked in. “Take him to the dungeon and throw him in a cell.” He lifted me up by the rope around my chest and stood me up. He prodded me in the back with his spear, and I started walking. The soldier pushed me down a dark stone hallway, dimly lit by torches on the wall. There seemed to be no doors, just arches of stone against the walls. The guard mumbled to himself, looking confused. He tapped one arch, and it melted away, revealing a woman in robes, writing on parchment with a quill. She looked up and yelped, “Do you mind? You’re interrupting my writing session!” the guard mumbled something and tapped the wall. It popped back, and we set off again. The guard tapped various arches, none right. Finally, on the very last arch was a sign labeled, Dungeon. “Maybe we should have been paying attention to the signs…” I muttered. The guard jabbed me in the back. He tapped the door and it opened, showing multiple cells with people in them. The guard drug me to the last cell in the line and tossed me in, cutting my bonds as he did so. I stumbled across the room and sank down against the wall. “So, you got caught too, huh? Good for you, she didn’t kill you.” I sat up. “Who said that?” “Oh, I’m over here.” A girl was sitting by the window, staring out the tiny barred window. She turned her head and said, “I’m Lyric. What’s your name?” “Prince Oliver.” She didn’t look surprised. “So, you’re Oliver. How’d you end up here?” “I went looking for Imogen. I found her, unfortunately.” Her mournful dark blue eyes showed no emotion. “You’d have to be pretty dumb to think of going after her. Believe me, I know.” She turned back to the window. “How long have you been here?” I asked Lyric. “Six months,” she said, without a change of expression. “Six months?” “No food, either.” How have you survived?” “Like this.” She stood, turned, and held out her hand. A small flame flickered along her fingers. “How did you,” I stammered. “Magic. Duh.” “But where did you learn?” her eyes became stormy, guarded. She flicked her long blonde hair. “My mother. I can make a potion to keep me alive. Now no more questions.” She turned and sat back down. At first, Lyric was cold and reserved. But after a month or so, she started to warm up to me. Her potion kept us both alive and well, but three months later, I almost wished it hadn’t. One day, as Lyric was starting to sing a song her mother used to sing, Imogen appeared in the doorway. “Ah, little Lyric. You still remember that song?” “Of course. It’s the only thing I can remember from my childhood, since you wiped my memories.” Lyric’s face was hard and unforgiving. “It was necessary, my child.” “Don’t call me that. I will never truly be yours.” I looked at Lyric quizzically. “What does she mean?” Lyric wouldn’t meet my eyes. Imogen laughed. “Why, she hasn’t told you?” “What haven’t you told me, Lyric?” I demanded. “You don’t want to know,” she said. “I do,” I insisted. “Tell me, please.” She sighed, then said, her voice a whisper, “I’m Imogen’s daughter.”


Ta-da!! It’s kind of… blah. But, I used all the prompts, so… That’s something, righ? I’m also super sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ll try to get a better posting schedule.


TIWC Challenge One, One Moonlit Night

Hi everyone! I’m participating in Grace’s amazing writing camp, Think To Ink Writing Camp!


Gah, isn’t it just so pretty!?!?! Ahem. Anyway, I’m on Team Quill!! You Quillians! (All credit to Lily for making up that awesome word!)


And these are the prompts!


So, without further ado, my story, One Moonlit Night! Grace, the word prompt is bold, so it’s easier to read.

Aqua Harris sat at her moonlit window seat, staring enchanted out her window. The moon was a huge round globe hanging in the sky, and a halo of stars surrounded it. On nights when the moon was bright, she couldn’t sleep for the beauty. Her mother liked to joke that she was half bat, she loved night so much. Aqua sighed contentedly and snuggled into a blanket. The door creaked open softly, and Aqua gasped, pulling the blanket to her chin in fear. A familiar face peered through the crack of the door, and she sighed. Sometimes her imagination got the best of her. “Aqua, what are you doing awake?” Her older brother, Andrew, tiptoed into the room. “Oh Andrew, I couldn’t sleep, the moon was so big and bright. Isn’t it gorgeous?” “It is, but you should be asleep,” Andrew told the ten year old reproachfully. “I know, I know, but I just can’t.” Andrew shook his head solemnly, slightly in awe of his sister’s unfailing store of energy. “Andy, you know what I think?” Aqua asked Andrew, turning her brilliant blue-green eyes on him. “No, I don’t, Aquamarine. What do you think?” he asked, seeing that her eyes were starting to droop. “I think that the moon is a different land, where there’s unicorns and flying horses, and it’s always light. And I think…” she yawned. “…I think that the cedar grove down in the hollow is where the fairies and spirits live, and on nights like tonight they come out and dance. And I think…” her eyes were closed now. “…I think that Sleep is a great big angel, who creeps along and takes you up into her gown sings to you softly, until you…drift…off…to sleep.” Her breathing turned into little snores, and she curled up under her blanket. Andrew smiled, and lifted her easily into his arms. He carried her to her bed, set her down, pulled her blankets around her, and kissed her forehead. “I think those are wonderful fancies, Aquamarine,” he told her, then crept slowly out of the room. Aqua’s mind wandered during her sleep, giving her magical ideas. Little did she know they’d come in handy some day. Years later, she’d be known as one of the world’s best fantasy authors, and her most famous line was, She never spoke, never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told me exactly what was about to happen. The line was spoken all over the world, until it became a household saying. Aqua Harris was known everywhere as an amazing fantasy author, and she always credited her ideas from that one moonlit night, so many years ago.


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BIBPC Category Four + Announcement!

Good day, fair jellybeans! (My new signature greeting!) I have an announcement, but first, BIBPC! The category was Broken.

020 lighten.jpg

It’s a close-up of the wheel on an old piece of farm equipment on our farm. We’re not sure exactly what it is, but this is it zoomed out:


It looks weird, but it’s really cool when you’re sitting on the metal bars!

And now for the announcement! I’m hosting a writing challenge! The name and date will be revealed soon, but I’ll probably do it during the month of October. If you know your schedule you can go ahead and sign up, but if you’re not sure I’d wait until I do the official signup post.

So there you go!! I’ll see (not really) you later!


Any guesses on the next category, BIBPC-ers? I’m always guessing. ;-).

Help please.

Hey guys. This post won’t be my normal, cheerful ramblings. It’s kind of about some problems I’ve been having lately, and I just need some way to vent. So if you don’t want to read my ranting, you don’t have to.

Lately, I’ve been really struggling with my writing. It’s been almost four months since I’ve worked on my main novel, The Swiftwing Chronicles, simply because I can’t get past this one part of the story. There’s been times when I’ve considered giving up my writing. I’ve been feeling very unmotivated and uninspired, and I don’t know how to deal with it. I’ve tried writing exercises and prompts, starting new stories, and rewriting parts of it. Nothing. I can’t get past this writers block, and it’s starting to overwhelm me. I’m just not sure if I can keep doing this. And, whenever I read other people’s stories, I feel really depressed, and I feel like my stories will never add up or be as good.

What would you do? If you were me, how would you deal with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ciao,



Hi everyone!! Here’s my story for the last challenge of CWWC. I used all the prompts from this challenge, all the prompts from challenge one, the girl in the cemetery,  Here Be Faeries, Here Lies A Man Who Was Not Of This Earth, the girl with the moths, the girl with the torch, the girls dancing with the stars, the person in the stream, and the hunter with the black clothes and a bow. For some reason my computer won’t let me add the pictures. So, here you go!!

I breathed in the cool, fresh, spring air. A gentle breeze kissed my face as I pedaled my bike down the street. It was an old, seventies looking bike, with high handlebars, a banana seat, and lime green paint. The big basket on the front held plenty of newspapers for my route. I smiled happily. I was allowed to go to my friend Owen’s house today, as long as I finished my newspaper route. Only three houses left. I tossed the remaining papers on the doorsteps, and saved the last for Mom. As I pedaled to Owen’s house, I noticed the headline on the front page: Citizen Missing. I braked my bike, opened the newspaper up, and stared reading as I biked. Dangerous, sure, but I was in a hurry. This was the article:
Town citizen Owen Farrell, age fifteen, was officially reported missing at 9 PM yesterday evening. The last place he was seen was on his way home from friend Rose O’Donnell’s house, at 507 Worthington Ave. Rose’s neighbor, Phil Rowen, saw him leave and start biking towards Fifth St. He never returned home, and hasn’t been seen since. Below is a picture of the missing boy. If you have any information regarding this young man’s disappearance, please call toll free…”
Then a phone number. I shrieked and fell off my bike. Why hadn’t I been told? Owen was my best friend, and the last place he’d been seen was my house. Why didn’t I know? A young man of probably twenty ran out of a yard over to me. “are you okay? I saw you fall,” he said, helping me up. “I’m okay, physically, not mentally.” I explained to him about Owen, and asked if he’d seen him. “He’s got dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and is very handsome. Have you seen him at all?” The young man scratched his head. “Not that I know of. I’m Victor York, by the way.” I gave Victor the last newspaper and asked him to call me if he saw anything, while scribbling my phone number in the margins. He assured me that he would call if he saw Owen or anything relating to Owen. I thanked him, picked up my bike, and rode off, straight to Mr. and Mrs. Farrell’s house.
A light tap on the door brought Mrs. Farrell running. ‘Have you found him?” she asked eagerly. Then she saw it was me, and her shoulders slumped. “Come on in, Rose, dear.” I stepped inside the oh-so familiar foyer of the Farrell home. I half expected Owen to coming bounding down the stairs and say with a grin, “Scared ya good, huh Rosie?” but it didn’t happen. Mrs. Farrell called, “Todd, Rose is here!” no answer. She shook her head and said, “Well, he’s gone. We haven’t the faintest idea of where he could be. He always tells us where he’s going, even if it’s your place.” “I mostly want to know why I wasn’t told he was missing.” I said. “Oh dear, in the bustle of calling the police and other things, it completely slipped my mind to call and tell you all. I’m so so sorry, dear. I can’t imagine your reaction when you found out.” “It actually was sort of funny.” I told her about my bike crash episode. In truth, Owen’s mom was like a second mother to me. She’d known me for fourteen of my fifteen years, and introduced me to Owen when I was two. We’d been fast friends ever since. After a quick chat with Mrs. Farrell, I started off for home. Halfway there, I stopped at a small convenience store and picked up some survival supplies, like twine, tarp, a backpack, water, food, and so on. At the checkout, the cashier, trying at some small talk, asked me, “Did you hear about that boy that went missing? Owen Farrell?” “Yes, I’m actually his best friend.” The girl gaped at me. “You’re Rose O’Donnell?” I nodded. Not in the mood to talk more, I picked up my things and headed for the door. Once outside, I was struck with a brilliant idea. What if I called his cell phone? Maybe, just maybe, he would answer. I picked up my phone, punched in the number, and waited. After ten rings, I was about to hang up, when suddenly, it clicked like it got picked up. “Rose?” I’d never been happier to hear his voice. “Owen!!! Thank goodness you answered. Where are you?” “I can’t reveal the exact location. But, follow the path through the cemetery, past the sign that says Here Be Faeries, and into the fortress. I’m in there.” “Wait, what? What sign? There’s no sign that says that anywhere around here!” A muffled grunt in the background. “I have to go. But believe me, the Ferrymen may be your only hope. Mirrors are portals to wonderful lands, guarded by creatures called Ferrymen. There’s a whole other world out there. One you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams. You have to get me out. Please, Rose, dear Rose, don’t fail me.” Then the line went dead. I threw the phone down in frustration, even though my skin was tingling as his words echoed in my ears: dear Rose. I knew he was pressed for time, but what he had said didn’t help me at all. There was nothing like what he had described anywhere around here. I stared at my phone, which was making unhappy popping sounds. I sighed and picked it up. Well, if I wanted to find Owen, I’d better start. Picking up my backpack and shoving my other things into it, I hopped on my bike and started to the edge of town. There’s only one place where those things could be.
I followed the gravel road to the outskirts of town, and skidded to a stop in front of the forest. If the places Owen described were really here, I could be in serious danger. But I didn’t hesitate for even a second. Owen was my best friend. We’d always been like family, always there as a shoulder to cry on. There was no way I would leave him alone and in danger, at the hands of… whatever had captured him. I stood up on my pedals and pumped as fast as I could. Deep into the forest, I heard a low humming, and my skin tingled. I knew I had passed through to another dimension, the world beyond my wildest dreams. Suddenly, I stopped, shocked. A sign, with the words Here Be Faeries etched into the wood. I hardly dared to breathe. After what felt eternity staring at that sign, I noticed a path, just big enough for me to squish along on foot, curving into the woods behind it. I parked my bike and with some twine, tied it to a tree. I took a deep breath, hiked up my backpack, and started off. No turning back now.
I started to get a creepy feeling, like someone was watching me. I glanced around furiously, shining my flashlight around and straining my eyes in the growing dark. A sharp crack in the trees behind me told me I was being followed. Now, normally, I’m pretty daring, brave, and tomboyish, but combine the dark and cracking sticks? Nuh-uh. My imagination went berserk, thinking of all the creatures it could be. Terrified, I took off running. Not the smartest choice I’ve ever made, but can you blame me? A cemetery appeared in front of me, and I dashed through, wildly looking back every few steps. Not a good decision. I tripped on my own foot and sprawled out, busting the glass out of my flashlight. I buried my head in my arms and lay there, shivering. “What is wrong?” A voice said. I was so unprepared that I yelped and jumped about three feet off the ground. A blonde girl, surrounded in glowing blue moths, came out from behind a gravestone, a gravestone that read, Here Lies A Man Who Was Not Of This Earth. I shivered as I stood up. Maybe that man was a fugitive like Owen and I, maybe he wasn’t supposed to be here. Maybe he had died never seeing his old life again, maybe he died broken and alone. The blondie cleared her throat. “Erm, excuse me, Miss?” “Oh, sorry. I’m Rose O’Donnell. You are…?” “Aurelia Quickbeam… I’m an elf.” “But the sign says Here Be Faeries.” “The sign was made before humans classified elves. They thought we were faeries. But never mind. What are you doing here?” I shuffled through my backpack and pulled out a Missing poster that Mrs. Farrell had given me. “I’m looking for my friend. He was kidnapped, assumedly. Have you seen him?” Aurelia took the poster from my hand and studied it. “Hmmm… have you had any contact with him?” “Yes, actually.” I told her about my phone call with him. “I know where he is. Follow me.” She turned and started off through the graveyard. I pulled my spare flashlight out of my backpack and followed her.
“So where exactly are we going?” I asked. “To the fortress.” “And why are we going to the fortress?” “To find your boyfriend. Obviously.” “He’s not my boyfriend!” I protested. Aurelia politely ignored me. I rolled my eyes. Why were elves so stubborn? “Whoa!” I pitched forward into a stream with absolutely no warning. I was soaked head to toe. Aurelia offered me her hand and helped me up. “Are you okay?” “I think so. Just twisted my ankle.” She nodded. “Good. Because we are close to the fortress. You must be quite.” Now it was my turn to nod. Aurelia snapped her fingers and we appeared outside the gates of a tall fortress, with catapults and crossbows mounting the parapet. Aurelia turned to me and said, “Let me do the talking. They won’t listen to you, since you’re a foreigner.” I didn’t say anything, so Aurelia turned and banged on the gate with her fist. A rumble, grunt, and the sound of chains being rattled told us someone, or something, was opening the gate. The doors swing open, and I suppressed a scream. The owners of the fortress were trolls. A big lumpy great body and tiny squished head made me think this guy probably relied more on brute strength than brains. Aurelia addressed the troll in some other language, and he grunted and scratched his head. Aurelia seemed amazingly patient, considering she was addressing a troll with a brain probably the size of a peanut. She asked him a question, and he opened the door and beckoned us inside. Inside was surprisingly neat for a troll’s den. Beautiful tapestries adorned the walls. Pictures of girls reading to dragons, a girl crossing a burning wasteland, and a hunter in black clothes with a bow lined the hall. I gasped and looked around in wonder while Aurelia and the troll negotiated. After what sounded like a argument, Aurelia turned to me. “They’ll give him back. They completely forgot they even had him. They’re not really that smart.” I did a little happy dance. “They’ll bring him outside to us.” I ran for the door as fast as possible. Aurelia thanked the troll in her weird language and followed me. Outside, I bounced on the balls of my feet impatiently. Hurry, hurry. The gates creaked open again, and Owen stepped out. I ran and tackled him with a flying hug. He wrapped his arms around me and we stood there, happy. I sobbed happily into his shoulder. I could have stayed that way forever, with Owen back with me and the stars glowing around us. I looked up, and some girls were dancing around us, sparkling in the starlight. I had never been happier.

There you go!! Hope you like it!!! Sorry it’s late, Loren!! ~Bella ❤