My Newest Music Favorites

Why must my boss be on vacation??? It’s the third time this year!

So therefore I’m working the entire horse barn by myself. (I’ll just melt into a pile of mush now.)

But! If I’m constantly playing music, it helps me focus and not start screaming and running around like a psychotic monkey. So here are some of my latest jams.


Owl City


Okay, can I just say Adam Young is a musical genius? I’ve only listened to one album so far, Ocean Eyes, but I’ve listened to it on repeat about a million times already. Some of my favorite songs include Vanilla TwilightIf My Heart Were a House, and Sunburn. 

Twenty One Pilots


Tyler Joseph is another genius. TOP’s music is basically poetry set to a beat. And the songs do deal with some hard things, but their music deals with that, while other songwriters tend to brush over it. Heavydirtysoul, Lane Boy, and Addict With A Pen are the ones I listen to on repeat.

Britt Nicole

I’ve always loved Britt’s music, but she recently came out with a new album, and I love the songs on it. All The Money, Work of Art, and No Filter are my favorites off this album.

Dear Evan Hansen

download (6).jpg

I’ve only heard a few songs off this soundtrack, but I would censor the songs before listening to them, same as Hamilton. Waving Through a Window and For Forever are my favorites from this, but Only Us and If I Could Tell Her are really sweet songs too.


Imagine Dragons

I LOVE this band’s songs. Thunder, Believer, and Polaroid are my favorites.


Have you heard any of these bands songs? Do you like them? 



Rip It or Ship It

Hey guys! Since I’m sick (😢) with nothing to do, I decided to try my hand at Rip It or Ship It! The lovely Eden tagged me for this challenge, so thanks, Eden!! The rules are:

  1. Write down names of characters on slips of paper.
  2. Draw two names.
  3. Decide if they would make a good ship, or if they get ripped.

The desicion is up to me, meaning I decide what makes the two a rip, or a ship. I’m going with:

Compatibility: Would they kill each other? Drive each other pyscho?

Ship Name: It has to have a good name, or otherwise… Ripped!

Here we go!

#1. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice and Vane Westerly for the Skyfall Trilogy.

Oh dear, no. Vane is like the king of snark, and Lizzy wouldn’t take any of his shenanigans. Plus, Vanebeth? No. This ship is ripped.


#2. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

Yay, an actual ship!! Even if Ron is a bit of a jerk sometimes, I still think they’re adorable together! I ship it!

giphy (1).gif

#3. Kahlen from The Siren and Harry Potter from Harry Potter. 

Ugh… I don’t think so. Kahlen’s just so sensitive and sweet, plus she’s nuts for Akinli. I’m not saying Harry’s not nice, he’s just… Sort of oblivious. Ripped!


#4. Kai from The Lunar Chronicles and Cath Pinkerton from Heartless.

Hmm… Kai is the Ruler of New Beijing, and Cath is the daughter of a Marquess. Plus, they’re the same author! I think I ship it! Ship name: Kath. Pretty much just a different spelling of Cath’s name, but oh well!

#5. Jest from Heartless and Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I think they might get along okay, but (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!) Jest is dead, and I’m not sure how Ginny would do with a court joker. This ship is ripped!

#6. Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles and Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice.

Um… No. These two would not get along. Cinder is a mechanic, and Mr. Darcy doesn’t seem that type. Also, I think he’d be kind of prejudiced (see what I did there?) against Cinder’s cyborg parts? That might be just me though. Either way, this ship is ripped!


#7. Mahdi from The Waterfire Saga and Audra from the Skyfall Trilogy.

Ya know, I actually ship this! Mahdi and Audra are both serious, kick-butt characters who are head-over-heels for their SO. Mahdi is a merman and Audra is a sylph, but I think they could make it work. Ship name: Maudra. I love it!

giphy (2).gif

#8. Akinli from The Siren and Serafina from The Waterfire Saga. 

And whaddya know, I ship this too. Akinli is a tad more ‘jokey’ then Mahdi, but I think Sera would still like him. Also, Sera is a mermaid,  and Akinli’s original girl, Kahlen, is a siren. So both watery ladies. I ship it! Ship name: Serakinli. Not the best, but I’ll let it slide. I ship!


So there you are, my lovelies!

What do you think of the couples I drew? Are there any you don’t ship? Let me know!


The Promised Photo Dump

Hiya, all! I promised you all a photo dump today, so here are some spring pictures I’ve taken over the past few days!!



Peanut the Adorable!! She’s gotten so big already…

And we got another! Her nickname from the breeder was The Flying Nun, since her ears are a little deformed, and she holds them out behind her when she runs. So we named her Sally, after Sally Fields, who played the Flying Nun. Here’s a picture of her.


See her ears? Here are Tummy’s, for a comparison.


I think goats are addicting… XD


I was playing Hide and Seek with Elie the other day… This how she was counting. (She’d count to five, then peek to see where I was, then count to ten really fast and yell, “I found you!”)


Her hiding, and her “You found me!” face. XD


“Bella, I got duwt (dirt) on my hands…”


And another hiding place!!

Do you like my photo posts? Do you think I’m crazy to get another goat? And is Elie as adorable as I think she is?


Quick Note

Hi everyone! I was planning on doing a photo dump today, but I’ve been short on time since we’re doing some major spring cleaning before my newest sibling makes its appearance. And I was just sitting down to write out my post, and none of my photos had uploaded. Even though they’d been uploading to WordPress since 7:30. It’s probably our Internet, which we have a lot of problems with, but I don’t have the time to re-upload them all. So, I’ll be doing my photo dump on Wednesday (which solves my what to post problem! Yippee!) Thanks for your patience with my crazy schedule!


“Dance Bag Tour” – Arts/Lifestyle Day

Hola, everyone! I’m such a bad blogger! I didn’t post on Tuesday like I promised. I got called up to the barn a day early. I was sick and was still off, but Marian needed me yesterday. So, sorry.

So! I’m kind of combining my “Arts” day and my “Lifestyle” day, since dance is a lifestyle to me. I’ll be doing a ‘dance bag tour’, or showing what I carry in my dance bag on a normal day. Let’s go!



So this is my dance bag. It has one exterior pocket and a teeny inside one.


The outside pocket contains my collapsible hairbrush/mirror, roll-on essential oils, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer, and some bobby pins.


In the main pocket are my leggings and wrap sweater, which we’re allowed to wear in class during the winter because the studio gets cold.


These are my well-worn, well-loved ballet slippers. If you see them at class you can see all the scuff marks on them.


Bad photo, sorry. But these are my tap shoes.


My jazz shoes. These are hand-me-downs from a friend, and he wore them out so the sole is loose from the shoe and wiggles around when I dance. XD I need to sew it back on.


My beloved pointe shoes! I might do a post on how to put these on some day. Would you guys like that?


These are the silicone toe pads I wear inside my pointe shoes for padding.

These are my half-sole modern dance shoes. Normally modern is barefoot, but we wear these in class to help with turns and such.


That’s how they fit on your foot, and how the straps work. Mine are a little tight, but they work well.


My skirt, which I use as a cover-up between classes.


My legwarmers, which I wear during really cold classes.


And last but not least, my handbook. It has break times, make-up classes, and basic stuff. (I blurred out the name and abbreviation of my studio’s name, because I’m paranoid. Not that I don’t trust any of you, but I would prefer the name not show, so I can’t kinda sorta be tracked by my studio’s name if some hacker was about. I said I was paranoid.)

Wow, that’s all I have? My bag is surprisingly heavy with only that stuff in it. I’ve had much more before, believe me! My taps are heavy, so that might be part of it…

Anyhow! I hope you guys liked that slightly random post. I’ll be back on Friday with some tags! Bye!





Hey guys! I’m sorry I didn’t post Saturday, I was sick. 😦 And I won’t be able to do my planned post tonight, because WordPress isn’t loading and my pictures won’t go on and…. Yeah. I’m super duper duper sorry, and I promise I will post tomorrow!! Once again, super duper sorry!!! 😦  😦  😦


I’m Alive!!!

Yes, dear peoples, I am not dead!! We had a ginormous hail and rain storm almost two weeks ago, and lightning when ka-BLAM and left us with no internet and no Wi-Fi, so I couldn’t post from my tablet either! Ugh, technology these days… XD

Whew! SO, today is the first day of…


NANOWRIMO!!! *cue creepy organ music* The most grueling, heartbreaking, tear-inducing writing experience you will probably ever go through. (This is actually my first year, so I’m just going on other people’s word.) I didn’t even think I would be doing NaNo, because of my computer troubles, so I didn’t do half as much planning as I should have!!! Excuse me, I must go cry and do fifty seconds of plotting…. bellassignofftwo

An Updates Post

Hey guys! It’s Grace once again with another updates post on TDD. 🙂

I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog is nearly complete! It definitely looks different from before, huh? 😉 Whether you’ve been frequently checking in or just now seeing the design, I’m here to invite you to take a look around!

The blog’s theme, color scheme, header, sidebar, pages, and more are very different from before. Bella now has a buttons page and guestbook page among others. Take a look around, leave some comments, and let me know what you think! 🙂

If you have any feedback, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Before I sign off, I’d like to let everyone know that although the blog is nearly complete, Bella doesn’t have access to the internet due to lightning striking her family’s motum. Hopefully it can get fixed soon and she can get back to posting! 🙂

Thanks s’much!
~Grace ♥