Mini-Photoshoot: Books and BIBPC

It’s a widely known fact that I’m am addicted to books.

I eat books, breathe books, and frequently lose sleep to books.

And as the current BIBPC category is Books, I did a mini-photoshoot with some of my books! See if you can guess what each book is. 😉 I’ll leave secret notes beneath each picture of a new book, if you can’t guess. I’m on Team Kiwi.



Queen Anne’s Lace looks so pretty with books. *dreamy sigh*

No peeking! This book is Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. 😉


This book is Heartless, by Marissa Myer. It made me cry. You have been warned. XD


This is my BIBPC entry. Clara and Ilsa should be able to guess this book. 😉 (Megan just pointed out Clara’s link was wrong… Sorry!)

It’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, for non-Potterheads.


This book should be easy to guess. 😉 If it’s not, what rock have you been living under for the last two decades?!

I hope you like these pictures! What would you like to see that is dance related? I already did a dance bag tour and pointe shoe tutorial, so if there’s anything else you’d like to see, make sure to let me know!!


I almost hit the publish button, then realized I’d typed Harry Potter as Harry Pooter. That would have been unfortunate. XD


BIBPC The Fifth, Category Two

Hey guys! I’m going to keep it short and sweet today, because dance is starting this evening (!!!!) and I have to do my ‘dance bag inventory’ before I go. XD So, I am on Team Kiwi!


The category is Circles.


It was really dewy one morning, and this spider web (complete with itty-bitty spider!) was on our garden fence. Since I was carrying my camera (of course) I snapped a picture! I love the concentric circles in spider webs, plus the tiny dew drops!

Would you guys like to see a ‘back to ballet’ type post? Leave ideas of what you want to see in the comments below! 


I just finished ‘Heartless’ by Marissa Myer….. There were tears. 😥

Charleston, SC Photo Dump: Part 1

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, my dad came back from a four–wheeling trip with a broken heel (which I didn’t even know was possible?) So that threw me off schedule a little.

But on the bright side, my little jellybeans, you get to browse some of my extensive collection of vacay photography! Yay for you!!



Okay, so can I just say this place is stinking awesome???? It’s a ginormous cypress and tupelo swamp, with a 1 3/4 mile long boardwalk through the forest.

After we drove the majority of the night, we decided to stop and check this place out. It’s definitely off the beaten path, as my dad got lost on the way there, which never, and I mean never, happens.

But when we finally managed to get there, it was so worth it. A lot of the trees are one hundred feet tall, and some are at least 1,000 years old. O_o I’m not used to South-East humidity and heat, being from Ohio, so it took some getting used to, but there’s nothing like walking almost two miles in yoga pants with a camera bag on your back to get you used to it!


We saw this tiny fawn curled up at the base of one of the trees near the boardwalk. My siblings named it Speckles. XD


I think they need to work on their faces… XD The boardwalk was about six feet off the ground, to show you how high the water really was.


Some of the cypress knees were as tall as I am… So around 5′ 7”.


I think this was a tupelo tree, though it may have been a small cypress. I love how the bark looks.


This tree was huge… My arm span is 57”, and they didn’t even make it halfway. (Credit to my mom for the picture, considering I was hugging a tree.)

My bird pictures… I captioned each one with the species, if anyone’s curious. You know you are. 


My brother spotted this huge Yellow-bellied Slider about halfway around the boardwalk.


My little sister…. Her name’s Camilla, and we call her Camie.


There was a big viewing platform at the end of the boardwalk, before you turned around and walked back. This turtle thought we were worth checking out.


She found a snail. XD (The humidity did that to her hair… O_o)


She was scared of getting left behind, probably because my brothers kept looking for alligators, so any time anybody got ahead, she’d race to catch up. 🙂


And apparently my mom and brother thought this tree deserved a face… XD


So there you are! I’ll post more pictures soon, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you! Have a lovely night (or day)!


Dance starts back up next week… I can’t wait! 😂

Some Random Spring Photos

Hey guys! I was going to post this Monday, but my new baby sister picked that day to arrive, so I was kind of busy. 🙂 Her name’s Camilla, and believe me, y’all will be getting an overload of photos soon!

But, I went and took some spring picures today, and I thought you might like to see them! Enjoy!


I managed to sneak up on this Gray Hairstreak butterfly while it was sitting on our strawberry plants and get a few pictures.


I love taking pictures of dandelions…


These are the flowers of a non-native invasive plant called Autumn Olive, that grows around my place. If you smell the flowers seperatly, they don’t smell much, but if there’s a lot of them…


Like this, it makes the air smell like vanilla. Literally, if you step out our door right now, the whole woods smells like vanilla. I wish they didn’t take over the undergrowth and make my allergies flare up, but they smell so good!


Some bluets, a cardinal feather I found, and some dogwood blooms.


And yellow, white, and purple violets!

Hope you liked my random photos!


Snow?!? What???

WHY DID IT HAVE TO SNOW?!?!?!? Sure, it’s mostly melted by now, but, still!!! I managed to drag my lazy, winter-hating teen behind out of the house long enough to take some pictures for you lovelies. Here they are!




I loved the tiny baby hyacinths peeking through the snow. 🙂



My mom’s been bugging me about the rule of thirds, so I’ve tried to work on it a little. XD

Did you like my pictures? Is there snow at your house?


The Great Annual Daffodil Count

Hello my peoples! At our house… Wait, let me back up. Our house is technically a barn which we are turning into a house. We’re also turning the old house into our barn. Don’t ask why. But the woman who used to live in the house in the 1800’s planted a ton of daffodils around the place. The original plants aren’t there, but a lot of flowers grew from them, and spread all over our property. So every year, in peak daffodil season (which is normally not the thirteenth of March, may I add,) we count the flowers that are closest to our house. I did the first day of the count today, and came up with the total of  five hundred and eighty four flowers. In one day. Wow. But, while I was taking the count, I took my camera, obviously, and got some pictures for you all. Enjoy!


That’s definitely not as many as I would post, but the lighting was harsh and these were the only ones that turned out good. 😥

And also….it was sixty degrees today and tomorrow night it’ll be seventeen. Like, what the flip, people?!?!?!?!?! It’s March, it’s supposed to be thirties and no higher or lower!!! Grrrr…. Make up your mind, already!! (That was my rant of the day.)

And I’m not sure what types of music my readers like, but I’m in love with Skillet’s new album. I didn’t like them when I first heard their songs, but now that I know the Christian meanings, I love them!! My favorite song is Stars, played acoustic for the new The Shack movie. It’s such a good song, with such a strong meaning of what God does for us. I’m not as huge a fan of the album version, but it’s an amazing song either way. The link to the acoustic version is here, and the other version shouldn’t be hard to find if you want to listen to it. (That was kind of random, but whatever.)

Good day (or night, depending on where you live.) I will be back on Wednesday!


The first rehearsal of our spring ballet, The Adventures Of Pinocchio, is on Saturday…. I’m preparing myself for a total fiasco there. First rehearsal always is. :-/

Of Fallen Pine Trees, Horses, And Little Siblings

Hello my lovely peoples! I have returned from my brief hiatus and am back to posting normally!! Most of you know I don’t like to double post, but my photo’s weren’t loading and I had to get my BIBPC entry in, so therefore, double post. Since today is my arts day, I’ll be posting some random photos I’ve taken over the past few days. Enjoy!


A pine tree fell down right beside our house, and us kids have kind of turned it into our jungle gym. XD


This is my little sister Elie. I asked for a smile and this is what I got.


Sylvia… This picture made me laugh so hard.


I’m not exactly sure where the camera decided to focus for this picture, but the bokeh turned out really good!


I like how this turned out… It’s the wood of the tree where some of the bark got ripped away when it fell.


I took this picture and Kane started yelling, “Is that picture blog-worthy? Will you put it on your blog? PLEASE?” And I was like “YES!!! I WILL PUT IT ON MY BLOG NOW BE QUITE!!”


I spy a goat… XD He really loves eating pine needles, for some odd reason. And pizza boxes. My goat has strange tastes.


There was a lot of lichen on this pine tree, with some really cool patterns.



Just look at him! Isn’t he just so stinking adorable???


Eeeep she’s so cute!!!


Dirty little farmgirl hands… Sylvia and Elie hands.

IMG_6185.JPG Another picture of Kane… He was bugging me about this one being blog worthy too. XD


I think Sylvia is our class clown…


Tummy might slightly spray milk everywhere when he drinks his bottle… Just maybe.


Elie climbing on the trunk of the tree.


And willow shoots and the moon at twilight.

For the horse part, these are some pictures that I took while getting my BIBPC photo today. The horses I got pictures of are Gucci, Lucy, Bea, Ellie, Misty, and Gracie. Newt, Razzie, Gigi, and Dooley were inside, so I’ll post pictures of them some other day.


Lucy’s eye.


Gucci’s eye.


Gucci. All of the horses are muddy right now, because it was raining yesterday.


More Lucy. She’s such a beautiful horse.


Bea! Gucci is Bea’ and Lucy’s mom, so they look pretty similar.


More Lucy. She’s just so pretty, isn’t she?


Old lady Ellie. She’s Dooley, Gigi, and Newt’s mom.


Gracie!! She’s the oldest horse at the barn, and she’s super sweet.



And Misty. She wasn’t wanting her picture taken, so she was sulking in the corner of the paddock.

So there you are!!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!


Some Random Photography And My Current Favorite Songs

Hola, amigos! I wanted to take some reflection photography at a pond near our house, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. 😦 So, I collected a random jumbling of pictures I’ve taken over the past month or two, including some of my very cute little sister. Ready?






Ah, I love sunsets, don’t you? They’re so fun to photograph.

My favorite music genre is CCM, and Jamie Grace, Britt Nicole, Moriah Peters, and NEEDTOBREATH are some of my favorite artists. Here are some of my favorite songs from them at the moment.



Britt Nicole – Through Your Eyes

Britt Nicole – Ready Or Not

Moriah Peters – Brave

Moriah Peters – Well Done

Moriah Peters – You Carry Me

Jamie Grace – Party Like A Princess (Pre-release from her new album)

Jamie Grace – Just A Friend

Jamie Grace – Beautiful Day

Jamie Grace – Do Life Big

Believe me, I love lots more of their songs, but I would explode your computers with links if I had to name all of them, so I won’t. XD

So, let me know what you think of my photography and don’t forget to take my survey to tell me what I can improve!! And a big, big thank you to my new followers! I’ve gotten seven in the past week!! Thank you all so much!! If I keep getting this many I’ll have a hundred by my blogiversary, and I’ll probably do a giveaway or something to celebrate!! So thank you all so much!!


Speaking of little sisters, ready to see pictures of another little sibling in April? 😉


A (Very) Late Birthday Post

Hi everyone! From reading some of my comments, some have you have probably figured out that my birthday was in September. I turned thirteen on September twenty-first! And, lucky me, I had three of the best friends I’ve ever had over for a sleepover, Geocaching, and pizza party!! And I obviously brought my camera, so here are some pictures I took!


Grace and Ashlynn… Grace is the blond in the orange shirt (it says Camp Half-Blood on the other side, XD) and Ashlynn’s in the blue shirt.


Grace and my friend Harper looking for the geocache.


 Ashlynn again…. We never did find this geocache. But the geocaching app had been updated, so we weren’t sure how to use it yet. :-/ So this one was a fail.


Not sure what Grace was doing here… Maybe singing Hamilton? It’s hard to be sure with her. 😉


 Where Harper and Ashlynn are looking, up inside the bridge beam, is where the geocache was. It was hooked to the beam with a magnet and had a cable attached so it wouldn’t fall out.


And that’s what it looked like.


We decided to walk the rest of the way across the bridge, and I got this really pretty picture of Ashlynn hanging off an old railroad car.


Ashlynn found this one. The bottle was tiny, only about the size of my thumb.


This where it was…


And this is what we had to move to find it! The geocache was behind the piece of bark.


And, because we’re us, we took a collective picture of our feet. Don’t ask me why, because I truthfully don’t know. Grace, your foot hogged the picture!

So, that’s what I did for my birthday. We found another geocache, but I was too excited to take a picture. We were climbing along the bank of the river, right in the flood zone. It was super fun!!

Have you ever been geocaching?