A Wintery Photo Post


You know, I really thought winter was over. I mean, the high tomorrow is 76 degrees! Then it snows an inch and a half while I’m also flooded in from rain on Saturday.Β πŸ˜’

Anyway, we took a family hike while it was snowing, and my mom and I took turns with the camera! Enjoy! (Sorry if the pics aren’t the best quality, my good lens is broken, so I’m stuck with my backup lens. 😒)



We got this much snow in about half an hour.


Hey look, it’s me! And I’m so coordinated for once, and in my favorite color!


I was taking pictures for my friend, and my brothers… Well, I think Kane was maybe attempting a split, and Max I’m not sure about. XD


Kane and I were both kicking snow into the creek when my mom snuck this one. XD



Both of these were on my phone.

Camie just turned 10 months old, and I’m fairly sure she’s the cutest thing to ever grace this Earth. (Maybe besides Megan’s flufferpuff bunnies. XD)


Max started gymnastics recently, so he’s been a bit obsessed with walking on his hands.Β πŸ™„


And lastly, Elie! Isn’t she just so cute? (Of course, I’m a bit biased.)


What do you think of my pictures? Any tips? Let me know!


I was jamming to The Greatest Showman the whole time I was writing this. XD


Family Reunion Photos

Hey guys!

Sorry I missed posting Friday, our family reunion and my great-grandmother’s 96th birthday party was rescheduled for the weekend.

But I got some pictures for you guys while I was gone, so here you go! (And it’s now technically Tuesday, but my photos took forever to download, so let’s pretend it’s still Monday, shall we?)



Sorry for the bad quality of this one, it was taken at night (while my cousin was freaking out about drain covers and Pennywise. That’s what she gets for seeing It.)


This is the lodge where we stayed. If you know where this is, I’m in a three hour radius from around it.


Some random landscape pictures.


There was an old shed on the land that was locked and really junky. Some of my cousins were trying to get in (and may have punched holes in the window screens in the process,) so I took a picture of the inside for them to see. It was super creepy IRL, and we kept half expecting a ghost to show up in my shots. XD


My brother asked for a cameo… XD

I took a short hike with a few relatives and got these photos.


Two of my sisters, Sylvia and Elie, and my little… third cousin, I think? I have an absolutely huge family.


And me! I took this on my phone, and am quite proud of it.


There you are! Halloween is tomorrow, so I’ll post pics of my DIY dementor costume on Friday. πŸ™‚


Charleston, SC Photo Dump: Part 3


*WARNING* I am TIRED. And SLEEP DEPRIVED. So I may be extremely weird in this post.

Ahem. So, ready for some more photos? Good!


Sullivan’s Island Beach: Day Three

A lot of my family gathered at this beach during this day, so we decided to go and meet up with them there.


We had to drive over the huge bridge from my last post to get to Sullivan’s Island. It was such a long bridge, it felt like forevvverr.



There was a really strong riptide on the day we went, so you had to be super careful near the shore. It was a lot less strong farther out, about waist height, so we were able to ride some of the waves. Also, the beach was very wide. It was a five minute walk from where you hit the dunes to the beginning of the sand.


My brother, Kane, riding his body board. I love his expression, he looks so happy. πŸ™‚


Me, Kane, and my cousin’s boyfriend found a sand dollar colony not too far from the shore. I’ve never felt a live sand dollar, and they fell really weird.

Funny story, my cousin (really my third cousin) is out of collage, and she and her boyfriend met in collage. She’s a tall girl, but he is super tall. He’s 6’11”. I’m 5’7″, so I’m fairly tall, but now I know what it feels like to be short. He was called Paul the Tall all through school. XD


Β My little sisters sitting in the surf with my great-grandmother. I really like this picture, my MawMaw looks so happy.


My other bro, Max, riding the body board. He took a few dunks on it. XD


The birds at the beach always crack me up. The seagull decided my sib’s sand castle was a good place to survey my trail mix from.Β πŸ˜’


This is my actual cousin, who we call Ree. Her face though. XD

Funny, most of these pictures were taken while I was hobbling around with a badly twisted ankle.Β πŸ˜’ I tripped in a hole in the sand, twisting it, then I forgot to apply sunscreen to the tops of my feet while I was out of commission, so I badly burnt my feet. Really badly. My mom thinks it was 2nd degree. When I got out of bed the next morning, my feet were so swollen and purple I thought I was going to tear the skin by walking. And I had to go to church that morning. πŸ˜₯ I could barely walk for almost a week, and then the entire top of my feet peeled off in one huge flap of skin. It was disgusting. (You’re welcome for the lovely mental images I’m sure you all have now.)


And these three photos I got on the torturous walk back to the van. I thought some of my friends would appreciate the last one. πŸ˜‰

There was a big family banquet that evening, then the next morning, we got up, went to church, said our goodbyes, and headed home!


Hey, I wasn’t as weird as I thought I’d be! Good for me!

How did you like these pictures? Would you like to see more of my photography?Β 


Adam Young is a genius, peeps. I’m officially in love with Owl City. 😍

Charleston, SC Photo Dump: Part 2

Yay, another crazy conflagration of photos!

*NOTE* My zoom lens has almost zero saturation and is sort of blurry, and PicMonkey is on the fritz so I can’t tweak it. So I apologize for the dull and slightly fuzzy photos.

Fort Sumter: Day Two

This had to be the highlight of the trip for me. I wasn’t going to leave Charleston without going!


This absolutely humongous tanker pulled into the dock just as we were getting on the ferry.


You had to drive over this super cool bridge to get to the other side of the bay. It was so long!


I was dangling quite precariously off the side of the ferry, which we had to ride for half and hour while some guys spouted facts through a loud speaker, to get these pictures. I’m quite proud of them, actually.


Apparently there are three forts in the Charleston Harbor area: Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie, which you could see very faintly from Fort Sumter, and Fort Johnson, this one. I didn’t know that before.


The first view of Fort Sumter, featuring a photobombing pelican. XD I always forget how many birds there are at the beach until we go there. (And both times I’ve gone to the beach, a seagull has tried to steal my trail mix. XD)


Yay! It looked so pretty/awesome… *sighs*


All of the cannon holes (there should be a better name for those) were blocked up. The lighter bricks are the original outlines, then the inside are where they were blocked.


Thanks for the photobomb, bro. *rolls eyes*


Β *bursts into song* America, America…


There was a ton of these old cannons everywhere. There was one behind each one of the blocked up holes in the walls.

IMG_8006_LIΒ For all my Hamilfans out there… I saw this on a map of the forts in America, inside the visitors center, and had to get a snap for you all. πŸ˜‰


This cormorant was sitting under the dock when we go there, and was swimming around the dock when we left. People were throwing him treats, so I think he hangs around there because he knows he’ll get handouts. *shrugs* That’s what I’d do, anyway.Β Β 


There you are!

I’ll probably do the next part on Friday, so I can get them all finished.

Have a lovely evening!


Some Updates, A New Design, and Some Random Photos (To Appease My Angry Mob).


*hides ashamedly*

I need to get my game together.

I am so, so, sorry for keeping you guys hanging. I’m adjusting my blogging schedule to Monday and Friday, so I don’t have dance on my posting days. And hopefully I’ll be able to write posts that keep you guys interested.

Now on that note, you may have noticed that I updated my blog design. I felt like it needed a revamp, that I wanted it to look more professional. I changed the theme, redid my pages, and Charis @ Charis Rae designed me a new header and signoff! Thank you so much, Charis! I hope the new design is more professional looking to you all, and easier to navigate.


I got glasses!Β They’re just for reading, to try and fix my frequent headaches. Everyone says they make me look studious, and I seriously say, “They are just glasses! What about glasses makes people think you look smart?” And I get weird looks. XD I like wearing them, though. They’re a reddish-purple color.

I started dancing three day a week.Β I really love dancing three days a week, especially since one of the classes is the class above ours age group. It’s a mandatory class for them, but optional for us, so it’s hard, which I love. It’s also taught by one of my favorite teachers (even if I do have a love-hate relationship with him.)

I got a Goodreads.Β I’ve actually had an account for a while, but I can’t remember if I announced it in a post, so if you have an account and would like to friend me, go right ahead!

I started high school.Β I’m still homeschooled, of course, but I entered the ninth grade! I’m excited to be a Freshman.

I turned fourteen!Β My birthday was the twenty-first. My dad wants to buy a broken down old car and fix it for me to use as my car once I’m able to drive, so he plans on getting one this year so we have a year and a half to work on it. I’m so excited!

We got another goat.Β  He’s a buck, and his name is Cash, after Johnny Cash. (We did not name him that, I promise. He came with it. XD)Β 


I’ve taken some random photos here and there that don’t make up a whole post, so here’s a few of my favorites.


I took this picture of my little sister, Camie, while we were watching the eclipse. Isn’t she so cute?


We went down to the creek by our house last week, to celebrate the end of summer, and I got this cool picture of ripples in the water.

The next three pictures I got when I climbed a deer trail on the bank of the creek up into our neighbors cornfield. The deer have an entire corner of the field trampled down.


And my mom technically took this picture, but it was too cool not to share! At our friends Fourth of July celebration, my friend Owen decided to draw his name with sparklers and have my mom photograph it. He’s not fast enough at drawing his name backwards to actually make it look like this, so I reversed it so you could read it. πŸ˜‰ I love how you can see his blurred form in the background from where he drew it.


Let’s chat!

Let me know what you think of my new schedule, my blog design, and my pictures! I’m always looking for critique (as long as it’s polite!)


Mini-Photoshoot: Books and BIBPC

It’s a widely known fact that I’m am addicted to books.

I eat books, breathe books, and frequently lose sleep to books.

And as the current BIBPC category is Books, I did a mini-photoshoot with some of my books! See if you can guess what each book is. πŸ˜‰ I’ll leave secret notes beneath each picture of a new book, if you can’t guess. I’m on Team Kiwi.



Queen Anne’s Lace looks so pretty with books. *dreamy sigh*

No peeking! This book is Wonder, by R.J. Palacio.Β πŸ˜‰


This book is Heartless, by Marissa Myer. It made me cry. You have been warned. XD


This is my BIBPC entry. Clara and Ilsa should be able to guess this book. πŸ˜‰ (Megan just pointed out Clara’s link was wrong… Sorry!)

It’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, for non-Potterheads.


This book should be easy to guess. πŸ˜‰ If it’s not, what rock have you been living under for the last two decades?!

I hope you like these pictures! What would you like to see that is dance related? I already did a dance bag tour and pointe shoe tutorial, so if there’s anything else you’d like to see, make sure to let me know!!


I almost hit the publish button, then realized I’d typed Harry Potter as Harry Pooter. That would have been unfortunate. XD

BIBPC The Fifth, Category Two

Hey guys! I’m going to keep it short and sweet today, because dance is starting this evening (!!!!) and I have to do my ‘dance bag inventory’ before I go. XD So, I am on Team Kiwi!


The category is Circles.


It was really dewy one morning, and this spider web (complete with itty-bitty spider!) was on our garden fence. Since I was carrying my camera (of course) I snapped a picture! I love the concentric circles in spider webs, plus the tiny dew drops!

Would you guys like to see a ‘back to ballet’ type post? Leave ideas of what you want to see in the comments below!Β 


I just finished ‘Heartless’ by Marissa Myer….. There were tears. πŸ˜₯

Charleston, SC Photo Dump: Part 1

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, my dad came back from a four–wheeling trip with a broken heel (which I didn’t even know was possible?) So that threw me off schedule a little.

But on the bright side, my little jellybeans, you get to browse some of my extensive collection of vacay photography! Yay for you!!



Okay, so can I just say this place is stinking awesome???? It’s a ginormous cypress and tupelo swamp, with a 1 3/4 mile long boardwalk through the forest.

After we drove the majority of the night, we decided to stop and check this place out. It’s definitely off the beaten path, as my dad got lost on the way there, which never, and I mean never, happens.

But when we finally managed to get there, it was so worth it. A lot of the trees are one hundred feet tall, and some are at least 1,000 years old. O_o I’m not used to South-East humidity and heat, being from Ohio, so it took some getting used to, but there’s nothing like walking almost two miles in yoga pants with a camera bag on your back to get you used to it!


We saw this tiny fawn curled up at the base of one of the trees near the boardwalk. My siblings named it Speckles. XD


I think they need to work on their faces… XD The boardwalk was about six feet off the ground, to show you how high the water really was.


Some of the cypress knees were as tall as I am… So around 5′ 7”.


I think this was a tupelo tree, though it may have been a small cypress. I love how the bark looks.


This tree was huge… My arm span is 57”, and they didn’t even make it halfway. (Credit to my mom for the picture, considering I was hugging a tree.)

My bird pictures… I captioned each one with the species, if anyone’s curious. YouΒ know you are.Β 


My brother spotted this huge Yellow-bellied Slider about halfway around the boardwalk.


My little sister…. Her name’s Camilla, and we call her Camie.


There was a big viewing platform at the end of the boardwalk, before you turned around and walked back. This turtle thought we were worth checking out.


She found a snail. XD (The humidity did that to her hair… O_o)


She was scared of getting left behind, probably because my brothers kept looking for alligators, so any time anybody got ahead, she’d race to catch up. πŸ™‚


And apparently my mom and brother thought this tree deserved a face… XD


So there you are! I’ll post more pictures soon, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you! Have a lovely night (or day)!


Dance starts back up next week… I can’t wait!Β πŸ˜‚

Some Random Spring Photos

Hey guys! I was going to post this Monday, but my new baby sister picked that day to arrive, so I was kind of busy. πŸ™‚ Her name’s Camilla, and believe me, y’all will be getting an overload of photos soon!

But, I went and took some spring picures today, and I thought you might like to see them! Enjoy!


I managed to sneak up on this Gray Hairstreak butterfly while it was sitting on our strawberry plants and get a few pictures.


I love taking pictures of dandelions…


These are the flowers of a non-native invasive plant called Autumn Olive, that grows around my place. If you smell the flowers seperatly, they don’t smell much, but if there’s a lot of them…


Like this, it makes the air smell like vanilla. Literally, if you step out our door right now, the whole woods smells like vanilla. I wish they didn’t take over the undergrowth and make my allergies flare up, but they smell so good!


Some bluets, a cardinal feather I found, and some dogwood blooms.


And yellow, white, and purple violets!

Hope you liked my random photos!


Snow?!? What???

WHY DID IT HAVE TO SNOW?!?!?!? Sure, it’s mostly melted by now, but, still!!! I managed to drag my lazy, winter-hating teen behind out of the house long enough to take some pictures for you lovelies. Here they are!




I loved the tiny baby hyacinths peeking through the snow. πŸ™‚



My mom’s been bugging me about the rule of thirds, so I’ve tried to work on it a little. XD

Did you like my pictures? Is there snow at your house?