Six Places I’d Like To Travel To (Plus an Exciting Announcement!)

I don’t know if I’ve said this much, but I have a huge amount of wanderlust.

I love the idea of just getting on a plane and flying somewhere on a whim, getting lost and wandering around a foreign city.

And so, today, I’ll be sharing a few of the places I’d like to go someday, and at the end, I’ll have an announcement to make!


I’ve always loved France, most likely because of my dance background. I’ve always been interested in French culture, also, with the French Revolutions, the Victorian era, and all the other periods. I’d love to visit Paris, of course, but other regions such as the Normandy and Brittany regions also seem amazing!


I love the culture of Italy, plus I have a lot of Italian heritage, so it’d be cool to see where some of my distant relatives grew up. I really want to go to Rome, Venice, and Florence, plus the Lombardy, Liguria, Campania, and Sicily regions.


I’ve been obsessed with Greece and its mythology since I was little, and it really grew after I read the Percy Jackson books when I was about nine. I’d really love to travel the same route that the Seven took in House of Hades, which goes through parts of Italy and Greece.


My grandmother and mom have always wanted to go to Australia, and even though there’s a ton of spiders and snakes that could instantly kill you, I think the pros weigh out the cons. 😉

Los Angeles

Two of my uncles live in L.A right now, and I’d love to go visit them sometime. L.A is also a big place for the arts, whether it’s dance, singing or acting, all of which I’d like to do at some point.


This one doesn’t need a huge explanation. It’s NYC! Even though I don’t like to interact with strangers at all, in a city this huge, I don’t have to worry about anyone ever seeing me again. So I think I’ll do okay. And this leads me to my big news!

So! In two weeks, I’ll be traveling to NYC, with my dear friend Eden, to attend a writing seminar hosted by none other than the queen Maggie Stiefvater herself! I’m so blessed to have gotten this opportunity, and I’m so excited! We’ll leave early February 2nd, and get to Manhattan in time for the book signing that night. Then we’ll stay in a hotel overnight, and go to Brooklyn the next day for the seminar! I’ll most likely be updating my bookstagram pretty frequently during the trip, so if you want to see some pictures and video while I’m there, you can check out my social media.

What are some places you’ve always wanted to travel to? Let me know in the comments!


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