A Comprehensive List of All The Book Characters I Would Gladly Steal For My Own (AKA Why I Have Unrealistically High Expectations For The Human Male.)

Hello, everyone!!

I’m really sorry for not having posted in a long time. My schedule has been insane, and I just haven’t had any spare time.

But I resigned from my job, so now I’ll have more available blogging time! Hooray!


So Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, my least favorite holiday. It’s just so superficial and shallow, and blown up by the media to immense proportions. Besides, it’s fairly useless in my eyes. If you’re single, all it does is depress you, if you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t need a specific day to tell them you love them! And as for getting asked out on Valentine’s, then your ‘special day’ isn’t special at all! I’ve never liked it, and as I get older, it seems more and more useless.

That being said, another reason Valentine’s is rather lackluster for me is my love of fictional boys. I mean, compared to book characters, every boy I’ve met seems slightly dull. (No offense to my very dear guy friends, you boys are the exception!) So today, I’ve compiled a list of all the boys I’d gladly snatch from their fictional world and keep hidden in a closet somewhere, so you can pull your mind off the over-glorified holiday of chocolate, red, and pink, and place it where it will undoubtedly be more happy.

*all art is fanart, official character art, or if the series has a movie, an actor closeup, and was found on the internet. all credit goes to artist*




Series or book: Legend series by Marie Lu

Legend is a new favorite series of mine, and quite a lot of the reason is because of Day. I normally like sassy, sometimes flirty characters, even if I can’t stand boys being flirty outside of a book, and Day fits that description one hundred percent. He’s a wanted convict at the age of fifteen, and just plain amazing. And as the series goes on… *sobs*



Series or book: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Jest is my favorite character in Heartless. He’s Court Jester for the King of Hearts, and a Rook from the land of Chess. His character is so amazing, and he’s not bad looking, either. Plus, he can turn into a raven, which is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Peeta Mellark


Series or book: The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

I just finished the first HG book, and I’m already in love with Peeta. And once I knew he was played by Josh Hutcherson, well, that sealed the deal for me. Who can resist the boy with the bread, right?

All The Lunar Chronicles Boys


Series or book: The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer

Yes, I may be a bit of a sucker for Marissa Meyer characters. But what can I say? Kai, Thorne, Wolf, and Jacin are so well developed and frankly gorgeous guys that you can’t help but fall for them.

Keefe Sencen


 Series or book: Keeper Of The Lost Cities series

This is a given, right? Can’t have a list of book baes without Keefe! At first he comes across as kind of perfect, but as the series goes on he gets so conflicted and emotionally raw and is just amazing. 😍 He’s snarky as all get out, too, and a huge ladies’ man.



Series or book: The Maze Runner series

I’ve only read the first book of this series also, but I absolutely love Newt. And, he’s played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster! I haven’t finished it yet, so if you spoil it… It will not be good for your health. 

Leo Valdez


Series or book: The Heroes of Olympus series and Trials of Apollo series by Rick Riordan

And of course, we can’t forget Leo!! As a smol ten-year-old, Leo was one of my first bookish crushes. And once again, he fits the sassy-and-flirty-yet-emotionally-damaged category which I’m so inexplicably drawn to.



Series or book: The Giver by Lowis Lowry

And lastly but definitely not leastly is Jonas! I love The Giver, and Jonas is so sweet! He’s a lot older in the movie, which bugs me a little, but overall, he’s a great character.


And there you have it!

Are there any book boys you would add to my list? Any you would remove? Let me know in the comments!



15 thoughts on “A Comprehensive List of All The Book Characters I Would Gladly Steal For My Own (AKA Why I Have Unrealistically High Expectations For The Human Male.)

  1. AHH YES I agree to all of these. We’ll have to fight over who marries them.

    (Also I totally agree about Valentine’s Day. I just don’t think that we single people should ruin it for those in a relationship. It’s all about celebrating – a relationship, a friendship, or yourself! But it’s turned into so much hating and depression when it doesn’t have to be. 😦 )

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  2. When you haven’t read any of these….*hello darkness my old friend* However, whoever did the fanart for the Lunar Chronicles guys is an epic beast. I like the guy on the bottom left, especially. Wish I could draw like that XD We are agreed on V-Day.

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  3. There’s a few heated kisses throughout the series, but they don’t go anywhere. It’s also a futuristic fairytale retelling, so there’s a bit of violence, but I didn’t find it excessive. I check most books on Common Sense Media before I get them, which gives you violence and sexual content briefings so you know to expect. All of the books are on there if you’d like to check them! 😊

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  4. I like the Hunger Games and Peeta is one of my favorite characters. However, do you know Studio C? They write clean comedy and just happen to be my favorite YouTube channel. Anywho, they’ve written 3 Hunger Games parodies and this one seriously is hilarious (it’s actually the reason I watched the Hunger Games movies, haha!):

    I hope you enjoy! ❤

    -Faye| https://createinmeblogger.wordpress.com/

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