In With The New Year! /// 2017 Recap \\\

I can’t believe it’s 2018!

I still feel like it’s October, and I can’t process the fact it’s January!

Let’s start by looking at some stats, shall we?


Views: 6,047

Visitors: 1,971

Likes: 1,270

Comments: 820

Followers: 188

Countries Viewed In: 50


This is more than double my stats for 2016! Thank you all so much for your support and kind words! And a huge thank you to my latest follower, Enni!



  • I had my one year blogiversary this April, which was a big milestone for me!
  • I advanced in my dance, upgrading to three classes per week, one with the class above my age group. I attended a nearby dance festival, a five day intensive, and grew in my pointe work.
  • I improved in my writing, thanks to the Young Writers Workshop. Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe are great mentors, and I’ve gotten into a more regular writing swing because of it. Registration opens this month, so if you’re interested, be sure to sign up for the waiting list!
  • I became interested in Star Wars. It might be a minor highlight, but SW is one of my favorite fandoms now, especially since The Last Jedi came out a few weeks ago!
  • I read more books. I read 65 books this year, which isn’t a lot for some people, but I’ve never read that many before, so I was excited!
  • I was given the role of soldier in The Nutcracker, and toured with my company. This was a huge accomplishment for me, as I’ve wanted the role since I started dance. We toured and performed for schools in our area for four days, doing nine shows overall.


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Goals For 2018


  • Finish rewriting the first draft of When The Phoenix Calls and complete the sequel, When The Clouds Lift (name subject to change, 😉)
  • Edit and get Beta readers for WTPC.
  • Receive critque from a published author for WTPC.
  • Write at least five days a week.


  • Reach 250 followers.
  • Grow my platform, and possibly progress to a paid platform.
  • Get social media for my blog, and grow my audience to increase traffic.
  • Learn graphic design, and start using featured images and handmade graphics.


  • Stretch every day.
  • Take more classes, if possible.
  • Get cast in our spring ballet as a higher role, and also in The Nutcracker.
  • Get a ballet barre, and use it to improve.


Let’s talk, shall we?

What are your goals for 2018? What are you looking forward to in the new year? How were your holidays?



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