My Newest Music Favorites

Why must my boss be on vacation??? It’s the third time this year!

So therefore I’m working the entire horse barn by myself. (I’ll just melt into a pile of mush now.)

But! If I’m constantly playing music, it helps me focus and not start screaming and running around like a psychotic monkey. So here are some of my latest jams.


Owl City


Okay, can I just say Adam Young is a musical genius? I’ve only listened to one album so far, Ocean Eyes, but I’ve listened to it on repeat about a million times already. Some of my favorite songs include Vanilla TwilightIf My Heart Were a House, and Sunburn. 

Twenty One Pilots


Tyler Joseph is another genius. TOP’s music is basically poetry set to a beat. And the songs do deal with some hard things, but their music deals with that, while other songwriters tend to brush over it. Heavydirtysoul, Lane Boy, and Addict With A Pen are the ones I listen to on repeat.

Britt Nicole

I’ve always loved Britt’s music, but she recently came out with a new album, and I love the songs on it. All The Money, Work of Art, and No Filter are my favorites off this album.

Dear Evan Hansen

download (6).jpg

I’ve only heard a few songs off this soundtrack, but I would censor the songs before listening to them, same as Hamilton. Waving Through a Window and For Forever are my favorites from this, but Only Us and If I Could Tell Her are really sweet songs too.


Imagine Dragons

I LOVE this band’s songs. Thunder, Believer, and Polaroid are my favorites.


Have you heard any of these bands songs? Do you like them? 



17 thoughts on “My Newest Music Favorites

  1. YASSS i LOVE owl city and britt nicole too! they’re some of my favs! ocean eyes and through your eyes are really nice albums. owl city’s newer albums (mobile orchestra and the midsummer station) have changed a little in the style and themes though. 😉 xo

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