The Promised Photo Dump

Hiya, all! I promised you all a photo dump today, so here are some spring pictures I’ve taken over the past few days!!



Peanut the Adorable!! She’s gotten so big already…

And we got another! Her nickname from the breeder was The Flying Nun, since her ears are a little deformed, and she holds them out behind her when she runs. So we named her Sally, after Sally Fields, who played the Flying Nun. Here’s a picture of her.


See her ears? Here are Tummy’s, for a comparison.


I think goats are addicting… XD


I was playing Hide and Seek with Elie the other day… This how she was counting. (She’d count to five, then peek to see where I was, then count to ten really fast and yell, “I found you!”)


Her hiding, and her “You found me!” face. XD


“Bella, I got duwt (dirt) on my hands…”


And another hiding place!!

Do you like my photo posts? Do you think I’m crazy to get another goat? And is Elie as adorable as I think she is?



11 thoughts on “The Promised Photo Dump

  1. AW, look at those adorable goats! They are so cuteee! and OH my goodness – Elie is so-o-o cute! Her smile is so sweet! I love two-year-olds. ❤❤❤ Awesome photography! ❤

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  2. I loved this (and all) your photo dumps! Your pictures were epic! And I don’t think you’re crazy to get another goat, I love goats too! We used to have 3 so you need another! 😀 Ellie is one of the most adorable kids I’ve ever seen. x) So cute! 😀

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