Some News and BIBPC Categories Three Through Five

Hi everyone!! Megan very generously let me enter my pictures a little late, so here they are! The third category was ‘New’.


That was when we had a teensy bit of snow, before it turned seventy degrees outside. XD

The fourth was ‘Night’.


It’s not the best picture, but it was a star over our house.

And the fifth is ‘Adventure’.


I got this little munchkin a week ago Tuesday, and he’s already proven himself as an adventure!!


Now for the news.

I’ve been so, so busy the past week or so. My boss is on vacation in St. Lucia, so I’m running the horse barn by myself. Plus I have a goat to take care of, and dance, and other family stuff. So I’ve decided to take a brief hiatus until my schedule levels out a touch. I’ll probably resume normal posting times around March 1st or so, after my boss gets back. I’ll submit my BIBPC photos through email, and I’ll post them here for you all to see when I get back. I’ll probably still check my updates and relpy to comments in my few spare minutes, but posts will be on hold. I’m sorry to stop when I just made a schedule, but I’ve had such a hard time trying to come up with post ideas and take photos in beween all my other stuff that I feel like it’ll be easier just to take a little break. So I will talk to you all later!! Bye!


This will be a good time to suggest post ideas! šŸ˜‰


12 thoughts on “Some News and BIBPC Categories Three Through Five

  1. Hey Bella! Would it be okay if I asked you to write the Easter weekend post for the Y+D? It would go out on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, since we’re trying to get a post-every-Saturday-thing going. šŸ™‚ Just a reflection on Easter would be enough for the post.

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