“Dance Bag Tour” – Arts/Lifestyle Day

Hola, everyone! I’m such a bad blogger! I didn’t post on Tuesday like I promised. I got called up to the barn a day early. I was sick and was still off, but Marian needed me yesterday. So, sorry.

So! I’m kind of combining my “Arts” day and my “Lifestyle” day, since dance is a lifestyle to me. I’ll be doing a ‘dance bag tour’, or showing what I carry in my dance bag on a normal day. Let’s go!



So this is my dance bag. It has one exterior pocket and a teeny inside one.


The outside pocket contains my collapsible hairbrush/mirror, roll-on essential oils, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer, and some bobby pins.


In the main pocket are my leggings and wrap sweater, which we’re allowed to wear in class during the winter because the studio gets cold.


These are my well-worn, well-loved ballet slippers. If you see them at class you can see all the scuff marks on them.


Bad photo, sorry. But these are my tap shoes.


My jazz shoes. These are hand-me-downs from a friend, and he wore them out so the sole is loose from the shoe and wiggles around when I dance. XD I need to sew it back on.


My beloved pointe shoes! I might do a post on how to put these on some day. Would you guys like that?


These are the silicone toe pads I wear inside my pointe shoes for padding.

These are my half-sole modern dance shoes. Normally modern is barefoot, but we wear these in class to help with turns and such.


That’s how they fit on your foot, and how the straps work. Mine are a little tight, but they work well.


My skirt, which I use as a cover-up between classes.


My legwarmers, which I wear during really cold classes.


And last but not least, my handbook. It has break times, make-up classes, and basic stuff. (I blurred out the name and abbreviation of my studio’s name, because I’m paranoid. Not that I don’t trust any of you, but I would prefer the name not show, so I can’t kinda sorta be tracked by my studio’s name if some hacker was about. I said I was paranoid.)

Wow, that’s all I have? My bag is surprisingly heavy with only that stuff in it. I’ve had much more before, believe me! My taps are heavy, so that might be part of it…

Anyhow! I hope you guys liked that slightly random post. I’ll be back on Friday with some tags! Bye!





5 thoughts on ““Dance Bag Tour” – Arts/Lifestyle Day

  1. That’s so cool! I love to dance as well and my dance bag is full of tiny little things (including shoes). Though I don’t store my warm-up clothes in there. 🙂 That was a really fun little dance bag tour! 😀

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  2. Ooh, your dance bag is WAY neater than mine was! I had my ballet, tap, and jazz shoes with a water bottle all piled into a random bag that said “ROCKSTAR” on it. XD Except for recitals. I was more organized then. XD Your pointe shoes look sooo pretty! 😍 This was so cool to read! I loved looking at all the things you have in your ahemveryorganizedahem dance bag! XD


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