Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

The Cruel Prince was a dark, twisted book, and I absolutely loved it!



Of course I want to be like them. They’re beautiful as blades forged in some divine fire. They will live forever.

And Cardan is even more beautiful than the rest. I hate him more than all the others. I hate him so much that sometimes when I look at him, I can hardly breathe.

Jude was seven when her parents were murdered and she and her two sisters were stolen away to live in the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Ten years later, Jude wants nothing more than to belong there, despite her mortality. But many of the fey despise humans. Especially Prince Cardan, the youngest and wickedest son of the High King.

To win a place at the Court, she must defy him–and face the consequences.

As Jude becomes more deeply embroiled in palace intrigues and deceptions, she discovers her own capacity for trickery and bloodshed. But as betrayal threatens to drown the Courts of Faerie in violence, Jude will need to risk her life in a dangerous alliance to save her sisters, and Faerie itself.

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The Plot

 At first, I thought this was more of a coming-of-age story, but with dark fae. Jude’s focus is more on earning her place in the Court than anything else for the first portion of the book. But it’s really not! It has elements of a coming-of-age plotline, but it’s also about self-discovery and betrayal.

The world-building also surprised me! There’s a few info dump-ish places towards the beginning, but nothing like some other books I’ve read. The story is set in Elfhame, which is made up of three shifting islands: Insweal, Insmoor, and Insmire. Insmire is the main island, where the royals live and where the story takes place.

The Characters

I loved Jude! She was very stabby, but also very feminine and intelligent to counterbalance the stabbiness. She did have a bit of a habit of making snarky remarks when it really didn’t help her situation, but hey, without the snark messing things up the plotline would have been a lot slower.

I also loved Vivi, but I’m torn about Taryn. Like?? Why would you *SPOILER* go and get engaged to the guy YOU KNOW JUDE LIKES. LIKE SERIOUSLY. I know you want to fit in, but if you know that’s going on, and the dude is purposely playing your twin, I’d cut things off with that jerk. Okay, done with the Taryn rant. On the other hand, Vivi is Jude and Taryn’s rebellious half-sister, and I loved her. She’s constantly sneaking away to the mortal world just to annoy Madoc, which honestly I get. Madoc is not a very good person. But Vivi also loves her sisters so much, and it’s honestly really pure?? I love it??

Cardan tho. *heart eyes* At first, I really did not like him. He was a very self-centered jerk, which granted, is basically in the makeup of the fae, but still. But as the book goes on, you get more of his backstory, and you can understand where he’s coming from.  Also *SPOILER* I started low-key shipping Cardan and Jude towards the beginning of the book, even though he was jerky. I figured he’d have some backstory that could justify his actions, and while they weren’t completely justified, he did get a lot better! And the romance between them was very enemies-to-lovers, and not at all rushed. I really loved those aspects of his character. 

The only thing that really bothered me was all the side characters. The people who were close to Jude I could keep straight okay, but all the other members of the royal family?? And all the people Jude tried to make alliances with?? Gone from my brain in about 12.7 seconds. I understand their purpose, I just have the short-term memory of a house fly and cannot remember all these people for the life of me.

And OF COURSE they all have crazy fantasy names. Like, Orlagh?? Nicasia?? Caelia and Elowyn and Roiben and Ryhia?? I called Charis my cousin’s name the other day, which is Serena and in no way similar to Charis. How am I supposed to keep track of all these names that just sound like a keysmash?


  • Occasional use of b******, b****, s***, and d***.
  • A few kisses, some fairly heated.
  • Some implied sexual content.
  • Frequent uses of magic.
  • Frequent violence, with some pretty graphic descriptions.


Overall, I give it 4.5 stars! If you have better memory than I do, you might give it five stars, but since we’ve already established how bad my short-term memory is, all the names kind of confused me. Other than that, I loved The Cruel Prince and would definitely recommend it!

Are there any other books you want me to review? Leave a comment below! 



NaNoWriMo 2018 ~ My Fragile New Book Idea (With A Dark Stabby Boi!)

So NaNoWriMo is here, which means stress and way too much caffeine.

So today I’ll be telling you about my shiny new idea! Because I’m sure that’s what you want to hear about.

I swear, this is for the peoples best interest and not because I’m procrastinating. *smiles brightly*


This book doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s sort of a mix between fantasy and urban fantasy.

Here’s the best blurb I could come up with!

Elaina Grey has hallucinations. Or at least that’s how she explains the ghosts that constantly haunt her life. After her boyfriend was killed in a car crash, finishing art school (and blocking out the spirits) are the only things Elaina cares about.

But when Death himself shows up and spirits her away to the Underworld, Elaina realizes the ghosts aren’t explained away so easily. She finds herself trapped in the Underworld, and wiped from the memories of everyone she knows.

Now, with a growing threat looming on the horizon and the dark intrigue of Death taunting her, Elaina must choose between the possibility of returning to the surface, or the option of staying in the Underworld with the echoes of her past.

Ugh, I can’t write blurbs to save my life. *cringes*

I also made two collages for the aesthetic of the novel! 

This is a lot darker than any of the novels I’ve done before, but I’m really excited to write it!


Elaina is an artist, hence the paint and art supplies. Her art is a big part of the story.


This is more of a tie-in to the romance aspect of the book, which is very slow-burn and enemies-to-lovers! AKA two of my favorite tropes! *squeals*

I don’t have any character photos yet, because Pinterest is failing me when it comes to getting the looks right. 😕 But I’ll give some description of my two main characters.

Elaina Sophia Grey

• blonde curly hair • jade green eyes • 5′ 5″ • INFP • American • casual style •

Malachi (AKA Death)

• black straight hair with side bangs • grey-blue eyes • 6′ 2″ • INTJ • Italian • very flamboyant style •

I love Malachi so much, I think I actually like him more than Elaina. Whoops. He’s also the ‘tragic backstory’ antihero, which is another of my favorite tropes.

My current wordcount is 2,243. I got behind yesterday and wasn’t able to write at all today, since I had rehearsal. But I’m hoping I catch up tomorrow.


So that’s it! It’s really late, so I’ll update this with a cover image tomorrow. I didn’t have enough time to make one this evening. If you have any questions about my novel, feel free to comment! (Also, sorry of this post seems sort of scatter-brained, I’m exhausted.)


Emerging From The Abyss: My (Not-So) Triumphant Return

Wow, it’s been a hot minute.

I realized I never announced I was taking a hiatus, but I’m back now!

I’m sorry I disappeared without notice, I just needed time to get my schedule under control, plus get in a better place mentally so I could make better content.

Blogging was more of a chore than something I enjoyed, so I took a break.

But now I’m back, and hopefully I can keep a consistent schedule and get back to making good quality posts!

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A Wintery Photo Post


You know, I really thought winter was over. I mean, the high tomorrow is 76 degrees! Then it snows an inch and a half while I’m also flooded in from rain on Saturday. 😒

Anyway, we took a family hike while it was snowing, and my mom and I took turns with the camera! Enjoy! (Sorry if the pics aren’t the best quality, my good lens is broken, so I’m stuck with my backup lens. 😢)



We got this much snow in about half an hour.


Hey look, it’s me! And I’m so coordinated for once, and in my favorite color!


I was taking pictures for my friend, and my brothers… Well, I think Kane was maybe attempting a split, and Max I’m not sure about. XD


Kane and I were both kicking snow into the creek when my mom snuck this one. XD



Both of these were on my phone.

Camie just turned 10 months old, and I’m fairly sure she’s the cutest thing to ever grace this Earth. (Maybe besides Megan’s flufferpuff bunnies. XD)


Max started gymnastics recently, so he’s been a bit obsessed with walking on his hands. 🙄


And lastly, Elie! Isn’t she just so cute? (Of course, I’m a bit biased.)


What do you think of my pictures? Any tips? Let me know!


I was jamming to The Greatest Showman the whole time I was writing this. XD

A Comprehensive List of All The Book Characters I Would Gladly Steal For My Own (AKA Why I Have Unrealistically High Expectations For The Human Male.)

Hello, everyone!!

I’m really sorry for not having posted in a long time. My schedule has been insane, and I just haven’t had any spare time.

But I resigned from my job, so now I’ll have more available blogging time! Hooray!


So Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, my least favorite holiday. It’s just so superficial and shallow, and blown up by the media to immense proportions. Besides, it’s fairly useless in my eyes. If you’re single, all it does is depress you, if you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t need a specific day to tell them you love them! And as for getting asked out on Valentine’s, then your ‘special day’ isn’t special at all! I’ve never liked it, and as I get older, it seems more and more useless.

That being said, another reason Valentine’s is rather lackluster for me is my love of fictional boys. I mean, compared to book characters, every boy I’ve met seems slightly dull. (No offense to my very dear guy friends, you boys are the exception!) So today, I’ve compiled a list of all the boys I’d gladly snatch from their fictional world and keep hidden in a closet somewhere, so you can pull your mind off the over-glorified holiday of chocolate, red, and pink, and place it where it will undoubtedly be more happy.

*all art is fanart, official character art, or if the series has a movie, an actor closeup, and was found on the internet. all credit goes to artist*




Series or book: Legend series by Marie Lu

Legend is a new favorite series of mine, and quite a lot of the reason is because of Day. I normally like sassy, sometimes flirty characters, even if I can’t stand boys being flirty outside of a book, and Day fits that description one hundred percent. He’s a wanted convict at the age of fifteen, and just plain amazing. And as the series goes on… *sobs*



Series or book: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Jest is my favorite character in Heartless. He’s Court Jester for the King of Hearts, and a Rook from the land of Chess. His character is so amazing, and he’s not bad looking, either. Plus, he can turn into a raven, which is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Peeta Mellark


Series or book: The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

I just finished the first HG book, and I’m already in love with Peeta. And once I knew he was played by Josh Hutcherson, well, that sealed the deal for me. Who can resist the boy with the bread, right?

All The Lunar Chronicles Boys


Series or book: The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer

Yes, I may be a bit of a sucker for Marissa Meyer characters. But what can I say? Kai, Thorne, Wolf, and Jacin are so well developed and frankly gorgeous guys that you can’t help but fall for them.

Keefe Sencen


 Series or book: Keeper Of The Lost Cities series

This is a given, right? Can’t have a list of book baes without Keefe! At first he comes across as kind of perfect, but as the series goes on he gets so conflicted and emotionally raw and is just amazing. 😍 He’s snarky as all get out, too, and a huge ladies’ man.



Series or book: The Maze Runner series

I’ve only read the first book of this series also, but I absolutely love Newt. And, he’s played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster! I haven’t finished it yet, so if you spoil it… It will not be good for your health. 

Leo Valdez


Series or book: The Heroes of Olympus series and Trials of Apollo series by Rick Riordan

And of course, we can’t forget Leo!! As a smol ten-year-old, Leo was one of my first bookish crushes. And once again, he fits the sassy-and-flirty-yet-emotionally-damaged category which I’m so inexplicably drawn to.



Series or book: The Giver by Lowis Lowry

And lastly but definitely not leastly is Jonas! I love The Giver, and Jonas is so sweet! He’s a lot older in the movie, which bugs me a little, but overall, he’s a great character.


And there you have it!

Are there any book boys you would add to my list? Any you would remove? Let me know in the comments!


\\\The Liebster Award///

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, my grandparents came down today and we were doing some last minute prep.

But, Emily at The Island Of Me nominated me for the Liebster award! I’ve done this in the past, but it couldn’t hurt to do it again!



Le Rules

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who tagged you and display the award button. Done!
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asks you. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself. Okay.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs. (Why 11?)
  5. Notify the bloggers of their nomination. Easy.
  6. And give them 11 questions to answer!


Emily’s Questions


What are you most proud of achieving in 2017?

I’m quite proud of becoming a soldier in the Nutcracker! It’s my dream role, and I’m so happy to have gotten it!

Charis and I backstage at one of the shows!

What time is it when you write your post, and what country are you in?

It is currently 7:34, and I’m in the US. Ohio, to be precise. But I’m not saying where from, in case of creepy stalkers  undesirable personnel. 😉

What was the last thing you called someone about?

Hmmm… The last phone call I received was from my boss, but the last person I called was a video call to my friend Sara. She started dance last week, and we were going over some stuff.

What’s your favorite word?

I like a lot of words, but mellifluous is one I really like the sound of. Also pluviophile and selenophile, both of which I am, sound sooo neat.

Are you reading a book at the moment? If so, what is is? Don’t kill me. DO NOT KILL ME FELLOW BOOKWORMS! STUPID QUESTION! *dies of shame*

Haha, don’t worry, Emily, I actually love being asked this question! I’m currently re-reading Renegades by Marissa Meyer, but before that, I got Leia by Claudia Gray for Christmas, and I really liked it! Star Wars and books, what’s not to love?

Writing or reading or blogging?

Oh gosh, Emily, not fair! 😢 I could do without blogging (which I feel terrible saying), but I can’t choose between reading and writing! With reading you can travel to a different world, and with writing you can create them! How can I pick?

Favorite flavor of ice cream (or other frozen deliciousness)

My fave basic flavor is probably chocolate, since you can’t go wrong there. But if I’m going detailed, I love butter pecan, snickerdoodle, and chocolate caramel.

What was the last song you listened to?

I’m actually listening to music while writing this, and the last one to play was Thirteen Sad Farewells by Stu Larsen. (I’m listening to the Spotify playlist for Charis’s novel, The Running. It’s really good, and you can find it on her blog! She did a whole post on The Running, which you can find here.)

One favorite book… or series?

THAT’S WORSE THAN THE READING+WRITING+BLOGGING QUESTION! Gah!! *pulls blanket over head and hides for 3.2 years* How about three? The Lunar Chronicles, Keeper Of The Lost Cities, Harry Potter. *squeak of agony*

What are the first 11 things that pop into your head when you look out the nearest window?

Cold, snow, dusk, sunset, birds (there’s a birdfeeder outside the window), trees, cars, barns, firewood, pines, fields. (Apparently I automatically think what I see.)

And… How are you?

Good! A little tired, it’s been a long week, but overall, great!

My 11 Facts

  1. I have hyperextended joints, so my elbows and knees both pop a couple degrees past straight.
  2. I’m part of a huge family, with my paternal grandmother having nine siblings and my maternal grandfather having six. I’ve met people at family reunions I didn’t know existed. XD
  3. I’ve never had Starbucks, which most people are shocked about.
  4. Everyone knows this at this point, but I am an avid Reylo shipper. I will go down with this ship, people. And if you insult my smol baby Ben Solo… *glowers*
  5. I ship people on sight. Even if they don’t share screen time or page time for a lot of the movie or book,  I will instantly ship them.
  6. I’ve never seen High School Musical. *cue shocked gasps*
  7. My favorite time is either 12:34 or 1:23. I love the lineup!
  8. I’ve started at least 13 separate books, and never completely finished one. I’m revising and adding scenes to WTPC right now, and that’s the closest I’ve come.
  9. I can’t tell pop singers apart. Mostly the girls, such as Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and the like. Boys are easier, but I still can’t distinguish a lot of them.
  10. I’ve never had a boyfriend, been asked out, swapped numbers with a boy, been flirted with, or anything, and I have no desire to. I have a few guy friends, but they are exclusively friends.
  11. I’m planning on going to collage for dance and creative writing. I’ve decided dance and writing is what I want to do with my life, and I’m planning on pursuing it!

Le Nominees

Mckenna – Alternate Galaxy

Enni – On The Wings Of A Dream

Suzy – The Youngest Perks

Josie – Starlight and Sunshine

Laura – Lula Boo

Eden – The Write Books Blog

Bekah – Questionable Tortoise Couture 

Ellie – Hope In Full

Kaylin – Picked By Hand 

Eliza – Writing Wonderland

Abbi – Happily Abbi

Le Questions For You

  1. What are a few of your goals for 2018?
  2. What’s a song you’ve had on repeat lately?
  3. If you write, what’s a current WIP about?
  4. Do you have any siblings?
  5. Sweet, salty, or sour?
  6. Which book do you wish would be turned into a movie?
  7. What’s a word you always misspell?
  8. If you could live in only one city or town for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  9. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  10. What is the best and worst movie you’ve ever seen?
  11. Why did you start blogging?

There you have it!

Now to go track down all my lovely nominees…


In With The New Year! /// 2017 Recap \\\

I can’t believe it’s 2018!

I still feel like it’s October, and I can’t process the fact it’s January!

Let’s start by looking at some stats, shall we?


Views: 6,047

Visitors: 1,971

Likes: 1,270

Comments: 820

Followers: 188

Countries Viewed In: 50


This is more than double my stats for 2016! Thank you all so much for your support and kind words! And a huge thank you to my latest follower, Enni!



  • I had my one year blogiversary this April, which was a big milestone for me!
  • I advanced in my dance, upgrading to three classes per week, one with the class above my age group. I attended a nearby dance festival, a five day intensive, and grew in my pointe work.
  • I improved in my writing, thanks to the Young Writers Workshop. Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe are great mentors, and I’ve gotten into a more regular writing swing because of it. Registration opens this month, so if you’re interested, be sure to sign up for the waiting list!
  • I became interested in Star Wars. It might be a minor highlight, but SW is one of my favorite fandoms now, especially since The Last Jedi came out a few weeks ago!
  • I read more books. I read 65 books this year, which isn’t a lot for some people, but I’ve never read that many before, so I was excited!
  • I was given the role of soldier in The Nutcracker, and toured with my company. This was a huge accomplishment for me, as I’ve wanted the role since I started dance. We toured and performed for schools in our area for four days, doing nine shows overall.


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\\\Charis Rae Launch Tour///


Goals For 2018


  • Finish rewriting the first draft of When The Phoenix Calls and complete the sequel, When The Clouds Lift (name subject to change, 😉)
  • Edit and get Beta readers for WTPC.
  • Receive critque from a published author for WTPC.
  • Write at least five days a week.


  • Reach 250 followers.
  • Grow my platform, and possibly progress to a paid platform.
  • Get social media for my blog, and grow my audience to increase traffic.
  • Learn graphic design, and start using featured images and handmade graphics.


  • Stretch every day.
  • Take more classes, if possible.
  • Get cast in our spring ballet as a higher role, and also in The Nutcracker.
  • Get a ballet barre, and use it to improve.


Let’s talk, shall we?

What are your goals for 2018? What are you looking forward to in the new year? How were your holidays?


Reasons Reylo Will Be Canon, A.K.A: Me Screaming About My Baby Ship Because I Have No Chill

*slides in dramatically* *sings*


Hey guys!! Sorry I sort of disappeared, life happened, and then Nutcracker, and now it’s almost Christmas!! O_o

But today, we have a very important subject to breach. *sits forward in fancy swivel chair and folds hands* And that subject is…


I went to see TLJ the night of the 14th with my bestie, Charis. There was a few twists we did not see coming, and a letdown or two, but overall, I loved it! I might do an official review later once more people have the chance to see it. But today, we’re here to talk about the most smol and adorable part of  the movie: REYLO!!

*NOTE* This is merely my own opinion. If you disagree, either be courteous and kind with your response or don’t comment. And if you agree, feel free to fangirl with me!



Now, let’s continue, shall we?

Reason Number 1: They Have Great Chemistry


Kylo and Rey end up facing off against the Praetorian Guards in the red room from the trailer. They fight the guards with such trust in each other, perfectly synched and in tune, that I may have squealed a bit. JK, I totally squealed.  😍 And if you pay close attention in their scenes together, they’re chemistry is just so good!

Reason Number 2: They’re NOT RELATED.


“Do you know the truth about your parents? Or have you always known? You’ve just hidden it away. … Say it.”

“They were nobody.”

“They were filthy junk traders, sold you off for drinking money. They’re dead in a pauper’s grave in the Jakku desert. You come from nothing. You’re nothing…”

It’s a possibility that he was lying, to throw her off and get her to join him, but I believe he’s telling the truth. And that would make sense with Rey’s character arc also, with the fact that she came from nothing and doesn’t have to have Force-users in her bloodline to be powerful.


images (1)

Guys, the tension between these two is high. Like, SKY HIGH. There are so many scenes with them, and it had me on the edge of my seat with anticipation. You see the way he looks at her, and it makes your breath catch. I want someone to look at me like that, peeps! 😍


Reason Number 4: They would balance each other so well.


With Rey not showing any signs of turning to the Dark Side, and Kylo being there, if they joined forces and Rey brought Kylo to the Light, the balance would be perf. He already asked her to join him and eliminate both sides, so if she hadn’t refused, they’d already be together. :-/

Reason Number 5: They’re just cute!


There are so many absolutely adorable moments between Rey and Kylo in TLJ that’s it’s impossible to ignore. From the exchanges between them to the scene when Kylo goes shirtless (😨) to their Force bond, I think these two would be perfect together. And having one relationship that’s not dysfunctional and actually works (I’m looking at you, Anakin and Han) would be a great way to close the Skywalker saga.


So there you go!

What do you think of my reasons? Are you a Reylo shipper? What did you think of The Last Jedi? Let me know!


Family Reunion Photos

Hey guys!

Sorry I missed posting Friday, our family reunion and my great-grandmother’s 96th birthday party was rescheduled for the weekend.

But I got some pictures for you guys while I was gone, so here you go! (And it’s now technically Tuesday, but my photos took forever to download, so let’s pretend it’s still Monday, shall we?)



Sorry for the bad quality of this one, it was taken at night (while my cousin was freaking out about drain covers and Pennywise. That’s what she gets for seeing It.)


This is the lodge where we stayed. If you know where this is, I’m in a three hour radius from around it.


Some random landscape pictures.


There was an old shed on the land that was locked and really junky. Some of my cousins were trying to get in (and may have punched holes in the window screens in the process,) so I took a picture of the inside for them to see. It was super creepy IRL, and we kept half expecting a ghost to show up in my shots. XD


My brother asked for a cameo… XD

I took a short hike with a few relatives and got these photos.


Two of my sisters, Sylvia and Elie, and my little… third cousin, I think? I have an absolutely huge family.


And me! I took this on my phone, and am quite proud of it.


There you are! Halloween is tomorrow, so I’ll post pics of my DIY dementor costume on Friday. 🙂


NaNoWriMo 2017 Character Collages

Hey guys! I’ve had a really busy day, so I’m keeping it short and sweet today! I made some collages of some of my book characters from When The Phoenix Calls, and I thought you’d like to see them. Enjoy!

*DISCLAIMER* All images are from Pinterest and Google. I do not own any of them, I am simply using them to illustrate my characters appearances.



This is Skye’s, the MC. She’s kind of a mix of all of the images, as most of the characters are, but she looks most to me like the top left picture.


Finn, the other MC and love interest. The bottom photo is mainly to illustrate his face shape, the other two resemble him a lot more.


Calvin, the antagonist. These all resemble him fairly well.


Willow, Calvin’s sister and supporting character.


And Brenna Castilo, Skye’s best friend in the human world. I haven’t mentioned Brenna much, since she’s a very minor character, but I really like her a lot. She’s biracial.


There you go! Sorry this is so short, I’ve had a pretty hectic weekend and wasn’t able to prep for this post any over the weekend. I’ll hopefully be posting my dementor costume post on Friday or next Monday. 🙂